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FKM Bike Price in Bangladesh

FKM Brand History:

Born from Partnership (2007): Since 2007, FKM is a joint venture between Singaporean Yew Heng Group and a Chinese factory owner and has prospered to become a leader in Communication Technology. With the goal in mind to combine both detailed design and rational manufacturing to take over the lower performance segment of motorcycle markets, such strategic collaboration was taken in place.

Italian Design Influence  Although that year is not known yet, FKM motorcycles are rumored to include Italian design characteristics, which possibly adds more aesthetics to those vehicles.

Shaking Up the Smaller Engine Segment 2007: As a matter of fact, FKM decided to seriously target the motorcycles of smaller engines. Their goal was to provide a package that would offer some great deal of performance and value, with an aim at riders who wanted reliable transportation at an affordable price.

Global Reach, Specific Focus: The information about FKM’s worldwide expansion plans is quite limited. they have different modes of entry evidenced in Bangladesh through collaboration with local distributors

Limited Online Footprint: Unfortunately, there is limited information available about the past of the FKM on their online presence, the main focus of their global brand, in particular. Hence, the job of assembling a complete picture is rendered even more difficult.

A Brand on the Rise: Even though there is a scarce information available to explore, the fact that Fang Kim Motors seems to be

FKM Brand History in Bangladesh:

FKM motorcycles, though a new kid on the block of Bangladesh, has already started to be a part of an important group of two wheelers of the country.

Global Beginnings (2007): FKM’s story dates back to 2007, coming into existence as a joint venture between the Singaporean Yew Heng Group and a Chinese hardware producer. Their main direction is the production of medium size motorcycles in the Chinese manufacturing plant and released to the market from Italy.

Bangladesh Entry (Around 2019): FKM started its breakthrough in Bangladesh in around 2019 with a relationship with Speedoz Ltd. which is the one who are old enough in distributing Keeway motorcycles (2010-2018). Most likely, their entry into the market made use of the display of the motorcycles at events such as the Dhaka Motor Show.

Limited Models, Performance Focus: For the time being, FKM seems to have a rather limited range in Bangladesh. The product line available here is restricted to Street Scrambler and Street Fighter of 165cc. This option finds the audience of riders who are looking for an efficient ride, but also want to have a bit of performance.

Limited Online Info, Room for Growth: However, the details of FKM’s history in Bangladesh are hardly found online, but their emphasis on performance and fuel economy motorcycles appears to be a great strategy. A possibility is that more of their brands’ history will be recorded as they progress on the road to become more well-known.

The FKM story of Bangladesh is ongoing and its axis of performance and potential fuel-efficiency prove that they will not move. In their goal of establishing themselves as a permanent fixture in the industry and possibly entering into different segments they will end up with a richer product history.

Popular Model In Bangladesh:

The most popular FKM bike in Bangladesh.

FKM Bike Price in Bangladesh

FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX:

The FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX is a motorcycle designed for both city streets and light off-road adventures. Engine is  4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 160cc. Power: 15 BHP @ 8000 RPM (enough for highway passing and light off-road scrambles) Torque 14.5 Nm @ 7500 RPM. Fuel Injection (improves fuel efficiency) Telescopic front suspension and monoshock rear suspension (for a comfortable ride on various terrains) Seat Height is 790mm (suitable for riders 5’4″ and above) 

FKM Bike Price in Bangladesh

FKM Street Fighter: 

The FKM Street Fighter is a motorcycle built for conquering city streets and handling curves with precision. Engine is 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 160cc (similar to the Street Scrambler) 15 BHP @ 8000 RPM (offers good acceleration for city riding) 14.5 Nm @ 7500 RPM. Fuel Injection (improves fuel efficiency) Telescopic front suspension and monoshock rear suspension (provides a comfortable ride). Likely similar to the Street Scrambler (around 790mm). Lower than the Street Scrambler (optimized for paved roads)

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