FKM Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below, we will mention FKM bike prices in Bangladesh 2021 together with FKM motorbike Bangladesh showroom address, and latest/upcoming FKM motorbikes in Bangladesh specifications, photos.

FKM is a brand of motorcycles that was founded in Singapore and was developed from Italy (source). The brand was established in 2007 and, since the very beginning it has gained huge popularity, especially in Europe. European market.

Recently, FKM was imported into Bangladesh through Speedoz Ltd. They’ve launched two FKM models here. FKM models in Bangladesh. In the past, Speedoz used to be the only distributor for Keeway motorcycles in Bangladesh ( between 2010 and 2018).

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FKM is a brand of motorcycles under the umbrella of FK Motors Limited. It’s a new multinational corporation operating out of Singapore that manufactures small-capacity motorcycles.

In the field of manufacturing, with innovative features and designs, the brand has already earned its place in the world’s motorcycle market. This is why they are growing rapidly and are currently operating in a variety of countries around the world.

FKM is the brand of motorcycles under the brand new business FK Motors Limited. The company is owned through the Yew Heng Group of Singapore founded in the year 1980. It is now renowned in the automobile and motorcycle industry.

FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX: FKM is a Singaporean manufacturer of motorcycles. FKM manufactures their bikes in China to reduce cost of production. FKM is marketed to Bangladesh via Speedoz Limited. FKM bikes are made in Italy, this is why their bikes look so appealing. Speedoz has introduced two bikes made by FKM to Bangladesh. They are FKM Street Fighter 165 and FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX. Both of these bikes are highly regarded by enthusiasts of motorcycles in Bangladesh. Its Street Scrambler is considered to be one of the most stunning bikes in Bangladesh.

The FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX features a highly useful instrument cluster. The instrument cluster comprises an odometer and counters for RPM and fuel gauge, speedometer and other indicators that are the essential information. For additional information the bike is equipped with an alarm clock, a gear-position indicator, as well as an indicator for the trip.

One of the most interesting features that the bicycle has is mobile connectivity that the bike offers. The bike is able to be connected directly to a mobile via Bluetooth through the FKM application. This feature lets the bike directly display all the features, including power and torque as well as the fuel efficiency of the bike directly to the smartphone of the user.

The FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX is equipped with an extremely distinctive lighting setup. The headlight is equipped with an DRL in the middle. The headlight is a complete LED set-up with two layers that keep the high beam and low beams that are separate. The taillight also has an LED with a striking style. It is designed with LED indicators that are minimal and easy to read.

Its FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX is a scrambler with split seats made of leather. The seat height is set at 790mm, which is ideal for those who are 5’4″ and up. The bike is also equipped with a large distance of ground clearance that is 180 millimeters that makes it secure from the majority of speed bumps that are found in Bangladesh. The Scrambler is also equipped with the capacity to fuel 9.5liters which isn’t suitable for long distance rides out of town , but it is plenty to get you through the city and occasionally off-road scrambling.

The length of the bike, its width, height as well as the weight and size of FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX are 2018mm, 805mm 1085mm and 140kg, respectively. The bike is weighted , making it suitable for road trips as it is stable and stable even at high speeds. The bike has 1360mm of wheelbase that will help ensure that the bike is stable when turning in corners.

The FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX features a single-cylinder, four-stroke and a an engine of 164cc. The engine is fuel-injected and air-cooled. The engine delivers around 15BHP of power at 8000 rpm as well as 14.5Nm of torque with 7500rpm speed to the rear wheel. The torque is enough to make it possible to speed up on the main roads, while the power will be enough to scurry through off-road. The engine is extremely fuel efficient because of the fuel injection. It is anticipated to achieve an efficiency of 45 kmpl.

The FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX has the basic multi-plate clutch that is wet. It has a five-speed gearbox that is decent but not outstanding for off-road riding, since shorter gears are more efficient to avoid difficult situations.

FKM Street Fighter: FKM is a Singaporean company. Its motorcycles FKM are made in Italy and this is the reason for their appealing and attractive appearance. FKM is distributed in Bangladesh through Speedoz Limited. Two bikes are produced by FKM that are available in Bangladesh. One of them is called the FKM Street Fighter. It has been praised with an overwhelming amount of praise since it went on sale, due to its excellent quality and smooth handling.

The FKM Street Fighter comes with the complete LED lighting system. The headlight is similar to the original model of the MT09. The headlight comes with two distinct models for low and high beams. The taillight also has LED, however, the dimensions are huge making it noticeable. The indicators on the LED on the bicycle are simple and minimal that gives the bike a sleek appearance.

Blue version comes with nearly no decals, and does not affect the aggressive appearance not at all. The red and yellow versions are adorned with more aggressive decals. This just adds to the appeal and style.

The FKM Street Fighter comes with an extremely informative instrument cluster. The instrument cluster features an odometer, a speedometer as well as a trip meter. fuel gauge, an indicator of the gear’s position and an RPM counter and other important indicators. While there’s a lot of information that is displayed within the instrument cluster, the instrument cluster appears simple and appealing.

It’s FKM Street Fighter also comes with Bluetooth connectivity that allows the bike to connect to the smartphone of the rider. There’s an FKM app that allows users to monitor the function of your bike in real-time. Each bike has an identification feature that allows it to be connected with the Bluetooth of a smartphone by using the FKM application.

FKM Street Fighter FKM Street Fighter comes with an average seat height that can be used by people who are over 5’3″ to be able to take the bike. It also comes with an upright handlebar, which makes it ideal for lengthy periods. The bike comes with a 17-liter tank of fuel that will be more than sufficient to take long trips away from the city.

The FKM Street Fighter comes with the length, width, height and weight of 2018mm 1085mm, 805mm and 140kg each. It is not huge, but the wheelbase of 1360mm could be considered to be more than the average. It makes it extremely solid when you are leaning on the corners.

The FKM Street Fighter comes with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke and an engine of 165cc. It is fuel-injected and air-cooled. The torque and power figures are in line with rivals, and are even higher than some of them. The engine produces around 15BHP at 8000 RPM as well as 14.5Nm in torque with 7500 RPM. This power will allow the bike to travel along the highway in comfort. The bike is expected to have an efficiency of 40kmpl for fuel.

The FKM Street Fighter comes with a multi-plate, wet clutch system. It has a six-speed gearbox that has speed increased even in sixth gear. It has an estimated top speed of about 120kmph.

FK Motors was founded in 2014. FK Motors formed in 2014 and was registered in the year 2015 with the company designation FK Motors International Limited.

FK Motors started its official activities from 2019 taking part at Dhaka Motor Show 2019. Dhaka Motor Show 2019, Bangladesh. SpeedOZ Ltd has tackled that display at the Motor-Show that was previously selling Keeway Motorcycles in Bangladesh.

Thus, SpeedOZ Ltd is now responsible for the distribution for FKM Motorcycles in Bangladesh. They are currently managing the after-sales, sales and spare support of FK Motors Bangladesh. In this way, they manage all distributions as only distributors in Bangladesh.

Contact: SPEEDOZ Limited

SPEEDOZ Limited, Holding 60, Amtoli, New Airport Road, Mohakhali,

Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Call: 01990-400600

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. What is the origin of FKM?

Answer: FKM originates from Singapore, and its design is done in Italy.

2. What does FKM stand for?

Answer: FKM stands for FK Motors.

3. What is the mileage of FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX?

Answer: FKM has an average mileage of around 40-45kmpl.

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