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DFSK Entry in the Bangladeshi Auto market.

Bangladesh’s automobile market is very competitive as there are a number of well-known makers who are eager to become the most appealing to potential clients. It was not that long ago that there was this name which brought curiosity and users’ interest in a new car. Besides consumers, the not-all-familiar DFSK will soon have features and will catch up with the car market in Bangladesh.

DFSK, a Chinese automobile manufacturer, entered into the car-making business in Bangladesh, the product line is of low price and highly efficient in energy use. As for the brand Sokon, which is a contracting company between Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Chongqing Sokon Industry Group, both of which are state-owned.

DFSK History

DFSK’s narrative begins in 1986 with Qingdao Sokon Industries Group which, at first, produced hi-tech car parts like springs and shock absorbers. This will probably look like a small step at the beginning, but the fact that it was the ground on which they built their future success in the automotive industry is invaluable. Apart from a vulnerable beginning, meanwhile, Sokon Group became dedicated to quality and innovations in vehicle parts. Therefore the roots of the Sokon Group were laid right in that period. Talent and an existing information base were what enabled Sokon Group to strategically develop their business place and move into motorcycle production in the late 1990s. By the early 2000s, Sokon Group was well-positioned for a major leap forward: the automobile industry.

Arrival of DFSK in Bangladesh

DFSK’s arrival in Bangladesh wasn’t a random prevalence. This car brand is very popular in Bangladesh day by day. With its determined company Dongfeng Motor Corporation being one of China’s automakers, has a wealthy heritage in automobile manufacturing. Ma Enterprise is an authorized distributor of DFSK cars in Bangladesh. This strategic access to the Bangladeshi automotive marketplace signifies an exciting opportunity for automobile buyers in search of a completely unique combo of price, overall performance, and functions.

Unveiling the DFSK Lineup in Bangladesh

Currently, DFSK offers wonderful styles in Bangladesh, catering to various riding wishes:

DFSK Glory 580: Feature-Packed SUV

DFSK Glory 580 is a characteristic-encumbered SUV that really is turning heads. 

Spacious Interior and Modern Technology: The Glory 580 boasts a generously sized cabin, without problems accommodating seven passengers. The modern-day dashboard features person-pleasant touchscreen infotainment cars and keeps you connected and entertained on the move.

DFSK Glory 580 car price in Bangladesh

Powerful Engine and Performance: Under the Hood, DFSK Glory 580 packs a punch with a successful engine that grants smooth electric transport and efficient overall performance, making it best for navigating city streets and highways alike.

DFSK Glory 580 I-Auto

DFSK Glory 580 I-Auto has been built targeting a huge market of Bangladeshi motorists that is up-to-date. Furthermore, the three-cylinder turbocharged 1.5-litre engine is its power source, and it gives a decent 150 horsepower for more town and high-speed road driving. Due to the torque value of 220 Nm, the Glory I-Auto serves as a model of the riding performance needed for flexible acceleration and the performance which remains free of dirty emissions in so many situations surrounding riding.

Out went the small cab with only 4 doors and in came the big family limousine featuring 5 doors and handy access to its capacious interior. It crafts its impressive design and excellent safety elements to be comparable to the most superior ones. This makes the ride to drive through the streets of Bangladesh smooth and worry-free.

DFSK Glory I-Auto car price in Bangladesh

With its advanced petrol-economical design, the DFSK Glory I-Auto-version is capable of running 12 km with one liter, which makes it an ideal vehicle you can take both for short and long-distance trips. Having sufficient indoor space capacity in up to 58-liter tanks will allow drivers to enjoy a long-distance journey without refuelling the car.

To create overall performance, the Glory I-Auto made it possible to drive up to 190 km/h, which is really an interesting result. Ranging from sports bikes and standard bikes for the daily experience to those touring cars that take you on a trip, it all brings you the kind of riding thrill you desire and, as an extra, these cars offer you both comfort and convenience.

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