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CFMoto Bike Price in Bangladesh

CFMoto History:

CFMoto, an established brand regarded for its strong and competitively priced motorcycles, reveals how the brand development started not with the rattling engines, but with the careful craftsmanship of parts. Let’s take a deeper look at this success story from CFMoto.

1989: The destiny of CFMoto begins in 1989, when Lai Guoqiang, owner of the company, dreams of it. Founded in Hangzhou, China, the company used to be busy designing and manufacturing components of motorcycles of high quality. The principle that there should be no compromise on the quality parts laid the company a solid basis for its future ventures in the production of motor sports machinery.

In 2001, CFMoto pioneered in parts and their peculiarity in this helped the company when they started manufacturing scooters and launched the “T” series. By this very first success of their own brand cars, they proved much more than only a parts assembler and paved their way to the higher level of the journey.

2011: One of the most significant milestones was in 2011 when CFMoto formed an official marketing and production partnership with the prestigious Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, the KTM brand. With this combined effort, a new dimension was added. CFMoto, with invaluable knowledge gained from KTM and technology transferred, jumped to another level of motorcycle making and production around the world. This alliance not only increased CFMoto’s technical knowledge but also gave them a lot of information about the world motorbike market to think about.

2013: In the same year 2013, however, CFMoto embarked on a small yacht venture to high-end boats. Although it made no direct business sense, this diversification signified their willingness to evolve beyond a conventional business and to appreciate novelty and innovation. On the other hand, their championing point was to manufacture motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, most of which were power sports vehicles.

CFmoto brand Bangladesh

The global motorcycle brand CFMoto was disrupted in Bangladesh (2019). With H Power’s Grameen Motor company, they looked at the double digit increase in the demand for motorcycles that are both fashionable and affordable. The company made 150NK and CFMoto mid-range models to reach cheap riders who were looking for a good value. This successful joint business venture implies that CFMoto’s path of development in Bangladesh has only just commenced.

CFMOTO Bike Price in Bangladesh

CFMoto 150NK:

The 150NK by CFMoto is a motorcycle that is meant to be ridden by new riders or those who prefer their motorcycles to be both affordable and stylish.It’s a naked motorcycle,

Engine: The one-cylinder engine with a cool liquid cooling system to avoid overheating while traveling in extreme temperatures.

Its power is 11 kW that equals about 14.10 horsepower and the torque is 91 Nm. Which in my opinion is a sufficient option for the inner-city movement.

Transmission & Drive: A 6-speed manual transmission gives you the ability to shift the gears by yourself. The chain drive delivers the engine power to the motorcycle’s rear wheel.

Brakes & Suspension: Disc brakes mounted on the front and rear wheels of your bike assist you in stopping safely. Turned forks in front and shock absorber in back let you move flexibly and comfortably. The 150 NK possesses convenient dimensions that make it maneuverable in urban areas. It’s light, making it easy to carry, to handle, even for the novice riders.

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