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BYD Car Price in Bangladesh

BYD Car Brands History

The company which marks its inception back in 2003 by Wang Chuanfu is a visionary business tycoon, and over a course of time, BYD became a household name for the electric vehicles (EVs). Having its head office at Xi’an, Shaanxi and Shenzhen, Guangdong respectively, China the company’s influence is not only in the domestic arena but also global, thus establishing itself as one of the top automotive brands.

Since it was first established, BYD has pushed the envelope by procuring innovative sources of energy that support the environment. The company’s unconditional and ceaseless devotion to innovation ensured its place amongst the leaders of the EV revolution, having made it the innovator and the dominator in the field of developing and producing futuristic electric vehicles.

BYD’s success can be attributed to its vertically integrated business model, which encompasses the entire value chain, from battery production to vehicle manufacturing. This tactic has ensured the company’s skill and knowledge superiority, especially in lithium-ion battery technology, one of the most significant answers to the production of outstanding EVs.

The Company’s advanced manufacturing plants, strategically placed all across China’s main cities, institute in all stages of production the latest technological developments and implement strict quality control measures, hence, proper operating parameters of all BYD vehicles are securely defined and maintained.

BYD Car in Bangladesh

The fact that the world is shifting towards green transport is not an unknown fact to the digital age.The distributor company, CG-Runner Bangladesh, is a joint venture between Nepal’s top conglomerate Chowdhury Group and the local Runner Group that pioneered two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing in Bangladesh. Indeed, it has aroused great hopes of BYD which has set their target in the rapidly growing Bangladeshi market In association with the primary one in the area, CG Runner, the BYD wants to have their innovative electric vehicles introduced to the country, enticing people in a market for one, the green vehicles which uses technology that is advanced.

CG Runner, which has made a name for itself as a renowned automotive company in Bangladesh, now stands as the sole distributor of BYD vehicles to the country. The equally networked and established CG Runner sales network is geared to take BYD by the bulls’ horns by introducing the latest electric vehicles to the Bangladeshi market.

Such strategic partnership will be essential for BYD to effectively combine the local strengths and knowledge of CG Runner and ensure the smooth integration of its products and services in the mean Bangladeshi auto industry.

Most Popular BYD Cars Models

BYD’s up and coming models, the ATTO 3 and the SEAL, are very likely to become the stars in the sky of Bangladesh, capable of providing consumers with a feature-rich electric car package including high-end technology, cool design, and the best performance of its kind.

BYD Car Price in Bangladesh


The ATTO 3 is a SUV from BYD brand which manifests all BYD’s efforts towards innovation and greenness. Featuring a range of 420 km on a single charge, the ATTO 3, an all electric car, demonstrates higher performance and efficiency, and therefore the perfect choice for city commuters and environmentally-minded drivers.

The ATTO 3 comes with a clean and fashionable design, cutting-edge security features, and a modern, yet luxurious interior. Consequently, the three characteristics of ATTO 3 coexist in a very functional way.

BYD Car Price in Bangladesh


BYD has 2 variants in one 570 km range (rear-wheel-drive) variant and another performance package which gives around 520 km range.  Bangladesh While for those who are looking for a more deluxe and technologically-advanced EV experience the BYD SEAL is a near perfect engineering and designing masterpiece. The showpiece of this luxury sedan is the ergonomic and aerodynamic exterior, refined by an elegant interior full of innovative ideas and a futuristic approach to transportation.

The SEAL with its breakthrough bandage battery of BYD generates marvellous driving ranges and astonishingly rapid charging abilities, thus providing a surprisingly user-friendly and comfortable everyday ownership.

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