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Zontes Bike Price In Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Zontes Brand History

Zontes was originally called Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd., and it acquired its own brand in 2003, under the name of Zontes. While undergoing laborious development and remarkable innovation initiatives, this company has created a section of the motorcycle market for it. They build their product from the beginning with the excellence materials and the most precise detail system. The total commitment to quality makes Zontes bikes not only beautiful, but budget-friendly and reliable too.

Zontes Bikes in Bangladesh

Zontes distinguishes itself from other market players through its partnership with Zontes Bangladesh showing their dedication to Bangladesh as a market. This solely official distributor guarantees that every Zontes motorcycle is genuine and that local parts you can obtain at the plants are also authentic. After-sales service provided by Zontes Bangladesh is one of the best; therefore, the riders should not be concerned for their safety while travelling.

Why Choose Zontes Bikes in Bangladesh?

Zontes’s goal is not only to create motorcycles but to reach the top social position as a brand building company. Their core values revolve around providing riders with:

Intelligent Control: These Zontes bikes feature the technology that enhances braking and gripping for better handling which is a digital speedometer and an upgraded braking system.

Energy Conservation: The company achieves this by having more fuel economy, lower running costs, and a better impact on the environment.

Environmental Protection: Zontes has the ambition to create environmentally friendly motorcycles and guarantees what the future will be.

Safety and Durability: Zontes motorcycle is excellent in safety features; meanwhile, it is made of prompt materials and accurate engineering.

Popular Zontes Bikes in Bangladesh

Zontes ZT155-G1: This machine, which is targeted at the street, has a sexy design, providing good ergonomics, and has a 155cc power behind it. The ZT155-G1, is an ideal city transportation option which ensures you get to your destination with fun and most importantly, in one piece.

Zontes ZT155-G1 bike price in Bangladesh

Zontes ZT155-GK: The Zontes GK-155Z is the best weapon for those riders who thirst for a more aggressive standing position. Being a sportbike-like motorcycle with a streetfighter touch, this model is good for those who are always in a hurry or just simply enjoy a dynamic ride.

Zontes ZT155-GK bike price in Bangladesh

Zontes ZT155-U1: The Zontes ZT155-U1 outdoor motorcycle is aimed for adventurers. Sporty design, comfy seats and competent suspension are all on board to help ZT155-U1 to go through any road, choose whatever it is a smooth highway or a tough back road.

Zontes ZT155-U: No matter how much you are willing to spend on a motorcycle this is the best deal among the most successful models of the Zontes motorcycle. The ZT155-U is well suited to the casual rider and any one keen on being practical. A recurring feature of the company’s vision of quality and performance is also present in this specific business. This makes it a wise, elegant and useful option for transportation in urban areas.

Zontes ZT155-U bike price in Bangladesh

A greater number of motorcycle riders with past experience along with the ones who just purchased their first motorcycle also shows a very positive business opportunity at Zontes. Among other manufacturers, Zontes bikes will be dictators in their segment due to the fact that they will have competitive advantages such as innovation, quality, and affordability. Also in case something extra for your motorcycle bide and desires you not only to take advantage of it, but also to ignite the fire of motorcycling, then you should opt for Zontes. Take a currently available move towards your local Zontes vehicle shop today and enjoy the powerful warmth of a Zontes!

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