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Znen Bike Price in Bangladesh

Znen Brand History

Established in 1988 by the founder Chen Huaneng, the difficult course of Znen started with Taizhou, Zhejiang, China. The company has been inspired to manufacture world-class, quality and highly reliable, two-wheelers. This has indeed enabled the expansion into the global market as one of the major powerhouses. Their commitment to cutting-edge technological instrumentation, the use of strict quality control procedures, and the desire to provide their riders with the highest levels of satisfaction led them to the frontline in the motorcycle industry.

The fact that Znen concentrates on perfecting its products in the course of the production process is demonstrated through the constantly growing range of their products. As they do follow-up with the study of the most effective approaches, their bikes remain close to the innovation edge. This unwavering pledge to advancement is highlighted through a variety of Znen bikes including those that epitomise style and performance and also of high fuel efficiency.

Znen Bikes in Bangladesh

The success of Znen in Bangladesh can be ascribed mainly to having a strong tie-up with the distributor of this brand which is FASANI Inteps Limited. Fasani Inteps Limited targets the placement of Znen bikes all over the country in order to allow for easy access and travelling across the country. Their commitments go in, not just the product delivery; they give efficient & excellent after purchase services, therefore every rider feels to be on the top in Bangladesh.

Besides, the entity called Fasani Inteps Limited is proud of its well-developed network of dealers across the whole country of Bangladesh. These outlets stand for employed personnel with expertise on specific preferences of typical Bangladesh Motorcycle Buyers. That’s not an easy task for them; they deliver advice on bike selection that suits the customer’s needs. Besides, they offer on time and expert after-sales service provision in order to ensure that your Znen bike runs perfectly at all times.

Popular Znen Bikes in Bangladesh

Znen Bike Price in Bangladesh

Znen T10: For the power lovers and those who want to be like a lion, the Znen T10 is more suitable. A technologically advanced motorcycle with an enhanced engine system, this machine is for both the bumpy and straight city streets and the open highways. Its refined style and high-end features obviously speak of your preferences for limitless luxuries being flaunted no matter where you go. A T10 is a good choice for people who are looking for a great performer that has also some stylish design in addition to comfort.

Znen T9: A sensible combination of pragmatism and performance to this particular electric bike has won popularity from a crowd of everyday riders. Instead the CNG- operated vehicle’s consumable engine provides an economical way of steering through messy streets of Bangladesh. A simple but comfortable riding experience makes the Znen T9 a pleasure to ride for both the commuter for whom the T9 is great for. If you need to go shopping or run some errands, or just like riding for fun, the T9 is suited and can ride along with you wherever you want.

Znen Bike Price in Bangladesh

Znen Fantasy: Do these scooters come in stylish designs and still stand out as inexpensive rides for your daily trips through the city? If you want a futuristic looking electric motorcycle, then the Znen Fantasy is just what you are looking for. One of the genres of scooters is “the city traffic dot acceptor” for your information. The ease with which one can weave their way through the friends of traffic that commonly crowd urban areas is facilitated by the excellent quality of the Fantasy, enhanced by the fact that it is lightweight and also has a seating position which is comfortable. Also, its fuel minimization promotes a cheap dose of fueling.

Znen Jog: Znen scooter is an amazing scooter for youngsters or those who want a compact and agile scooter. It’s simple user controls and low weight allow the material to be handled comfortably even for a novice rider. The Znen Jog’s gas mileage and prices are appealing to students and income conscious people who want a cost-effective ride. It is among the commonly preferred vehicles for this purpose.

Reasons to Choose Znen in Bangladesh

Affordability: A Znen bike comes with a very low price tag when it is compared to other bikes in the market, providing a huge amount of opportunities for the majority in Bangladesh.

Fuel Efficiency: Znen engine produces at least 10% higher mileage as compared to the other vehicles on the market. It helps reduce running costs at an affordable price.

Durability: Znen motorbikes are made of high-grade materials and components which are durable for performance of reliable Riding.

Variety: Znen has a full line of bikes from fashionable scooters, electric motorcycles , to race ready commuters etc., allowing each rider to pick their desired model.

Widespread Availability: Under the distribution of Fasani Inteps Limited, the Znen motorcycles at each nook and corner of Bangladesh would be a sight to witness.

Reliable After-Sales Support: Fasani Inteps Limited enjoys a full After-sales Support, which covers provision Spare parts and Service facilities, to make sure your Znen can continue to deliver.

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