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Walton Bike Price In Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Walton Brand:

The organization of the current business linking to its past can be traced back to 1977, when Rezvi & Brothers was founded by S.M Nazrul Islam . This company first functioned in importers, along with savings, televisions. Then it was a part of R.B. Group. In 2006, the turning point came with the emergence of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited Yet initially they were into assembling imported parts. They purely adopted a manufacturing process by 2008.

While their first product was refrigerator and motorcycle, those appliances entered households’ daily life. Since then, Walton has been the top brand in consumers’ mind for electronic and household appliance shopping in Bangladesh and has also started producing air conditioners, televisions, smartphones, home appliances and so many more. The interesting aspect of their business is the fact that they are affordable and yet they still provide quality items and that’s the reason that many Bangladeshis trust them.

Walton Motorcycle:

Walton Motors is a motorcycle manufacturing company of the Walton Group Inc. which firstly started their business in Bangladesh in the year 1977. This motorcycle factory was the pioneer in Bangladesh motorcycle manufacture in 2007. the creation of motorcycles with the capacities of carrying from 80cc to 150cc. These motorcycles have been sold to various countries as part of local marketing campaigns.

In Bangladesh, a brand leader known as Walton has transformed the electric scooter industry (Takyon) to a sustainable one. These clean and green-fuel small vehicles are a real breakthrough for urban cyclists looking for an alternate option to traditional gasoline powered alternatives.

Walton Takyon 1.00:

Powertrain: This scooter has a DC brushless motor with 1.2 KW rated power but it can be enhanced to the maximum output of 1.5 KW. This in turn means efficient pick up and effortless driving within the ambit of city speed limits. The Takyon 1.0 is equipped with a 72V 20Ah Graphene Lead Acid battery providing a reliable range of 70-80 kilometers on a single charge depending on the conditions such as speed (25 km/h are an optimistic assumption). This is the reason why electric vehicles are an ideal choice for daily commute.

Walton Takyon 1.00 price in Bangladesh


Again, you are not going to be concerned about frequent recharging. With the incredibly fast Takyon 1.00 top speed of 50 km/h, this is a perfect match for cities. With torque of 88 Nm the car offers quiet and smooth driving around the city. The scooter weighs 76kg which is not heavy for an appropriately sized user. Moreover the capacity is 180 kg and that means it can carry the rider and any other load that needs to be carried. The front and rear wheels utilize disc brakes which as a result give us reliability when it comes to the stopping power thus enhancing safety.

Walton Takyon Leo:

Motor: The reduced motor power of the Leo relative to the Takyon 1.00 will enable its wider application in shorter commutes and easy ride. Suggested two batteries for choice: 48V 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery. The less capacity means a shorter range but higher capacity options provide a longer range. Be ready to ride the motorbike at the speed appropriate for the city, it is projected to be around 45-50 km/h.

Walton Takyon Leo price in Bangladesh

The overall functionality will be adjusted towards optimizing efficiency and ease of usability. Hence, the Leo is designed to be smaller than the Takyon 1.00 in terms of battery size. The payload weight can be reduced by small percentages as well.

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