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Bentley Car Price in Bangladesh

Bentley brand history:

In 1919, Walter Owen (W.O.) Bentley established the company with a simple yet ambitious objective: as it is shown in the slogan to be superior which translates into “the fastest car, a perfect car, best in the class” this expression has driven the company since its establishment. And its successful notion has ultimately made it the best-in-class luxury vehicle universally.

The Bentley Legacy:

In 1919, the first car of the company Bentley was introduced by this company. It envisaged the car that symbolized the British upper-class car was only here, and the company moved forward for this goal. Mr Bentley, a founder and the creator of Bentley, wanted people to fall in love with and endeavor for the betterment, perfection and unparalleled quality. Such cars would be easy to remember because they had Bentley’s name.

Le Mans Victories:

This well-established British car manufacturer, Bentley Racing Team, was recognized for some class wins at the 24 hours of Le Mans endurance auto racing. The product gained its successive wins in 1914, 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1930 and thus the very name of the product came to be the synonym of speed and perseverance.

Bentley brand in Bangladesh:

Some Bentley models might be transported from abroad by private importation into Bangladesh. There may emerge a situation where people import them personally but through particular services.

Bentley Car Price in Bangladesh

Bentley Bentayga:

The Bentley Bentayga surfines ubberious SUV ownership. Its interior, built by hand, is elegantly appointed with rich leather, wood accents and has five seats. The W12 engine (v8 option is also available) powers a motor that produces over 600 horsepower and shoots the car out even though it has great size, with surprising agility. The Bergaya though is big, it still gives a smooth ride through technological air suspension. Bentley is equipped with tow hitch options, which makes it a perfect for active lifestyle, and holding to the brand heritage.

Flying Spur:

One of the interesting things about the Bentley Flying Spur, which is a luxury car, is that it combines both speed and finesse. Its handcrafted cabin is all surrounded with leather and wood and its five pampered passengers definitely enjoy ample leg space. An awesome twin-turbocharged W12 engine (V8 could be an option) guarantees enthralling performance, with over 600 horsepower and a top speed, which is higher than 300 km/h. The advanced air suspension introduces a smooth ride, and the all-wheel drive technology ensures a confident handling in any condition. The Flying Spur stands as the peak of British automaking sophistication.

Bentley Car Price in Bangladesh

Continental GT:

It’s the Bentley Continental GT – a four-seater coupe symbolizing chic and strength. A roof with hands instead of machines, and nice leather and wooden padding give you that 4-seater private luxury ride. Under the hood stands the mighty W12 engine (V8 option available) in a state of mighty readiness and roars with more than 600 horsepower. This beast of a coupe can launch in under 4 seconds from a standing stop, hitting the 60 mph mark. Next-generation air suspension alternates both thrilling performance and comfort by guaranteeing pleasant driving even on long-distance trips. Boasting its sculpting and jaw dropping visuals, the Continental GT is the headliner of automotive classics for those seeking the best in the automobile world.


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