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Benelli Bike Price in Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Benelli Brands History

Italian brand “Benelli”, practically an embodiment of passion and motorrad characteristics, has managed to do it better that anyone else during a century. Since its launch as a start-up in the year 1911 Pesaro, Italy by Teresa Boni Benelli, every bit of the brand has been the frontrunner of the motorcycle industry with new and surprising inventions. Looking back, no understatement can better describe the greatness of the journey of Benelli thus far as the company, under the leadership of the current CEO Yan Haimei, continues to walk towards prosperity. More precisely, Benelli is still alive, being represented by its official distributor, Aftab Automobiles Limited, in the dynamic Bangladesh.

The Benelli story is one of the classic example that says, “Learning never stops.” From the beginning which saw its specialization in bicycling to the time when it joined the hungry motorcycling market, having attracted the loyalty of many riders worldwide. Apart from being a proud symbol of quality and innovation, MV Agusta’s motorcycles stand out with their style, elegance, and “made in Italy” characteristics.

1911: “Officine Meccaniche Benelli” is started by the brothers – Teresa, Giovanni, Giuseppe, Filippo, and Antonio – as a bicycle production firm in Pesaro, Italy.

1919: Benelli, a company that creates motorcycles using the new “Motoleggera” technology, is introduced with immediate success. The technology refers to the “lightweight” feature of their motorcycles, which soon earns popularity.

1930s-1950s: Only Benelli has the ability to be triumphant in the oldest, major road-race, the Isle of Man TT, and other important events such as the Motogiro d’Italia.

1960s-1970s: Benelli never stops doing its research as the vibrant TNT series and the powerful Tornado 650 come up to the time, confirming its high status of leadership in class motorcycles.

1970s-Present: Benelli gets a new lease in life after ownership exchange and the group of Qianjiang Motorcycle Group of China comes to the rescue. The company is not deterred from staying true to Italian design and engineering; but, with today’s technology, it successfully combines the old with the new to a global audience.

Benelli Bikes in Bangladesh

With herovision or Aftab Automobiles Ltd. taking the lead as the Benelli partner in Bangladesh in 2019, the lovers of motorcycles saw herald of a novel beginning. Riders now have access to a brand renowned for its: Riders now have access to a brand renowned for its:

Thrilling Performance: Power and response of Benelli get finished engines are their trade mark, thus giving out highest level of thrill that can never be compared to any other engine.

Italian Design: Each Benelli bike is a work of art combining superlative form and function, thus, the V-twin engines underneath their chassis make the longing for a respite from the stressful day-time routine so tangible.

Uncompromising Quality: Benelli using the best articles of the cloth, the high-level manufacture, the necessary aim at ensuring long-term and lasting performance and reliability.

Competitive Pricing: Aftab Automobiles brings stylish Benelli Bikes to the market at fairly affordable price points ranging thus, the Benelli bikes are reachable for the people of Bangladesh even more than ever.

Popular Benelli Bikes in Bangladesh

With the Benelli brand of motorcycles that are motorcycles that are tailored for all the different riding styles and thus in Bangladesh, there is something every rider hopes for. Here’s a closer look at two of the most popular Benelli bikes in the Bangladesh market:Here’s a closer look at two of the most popular Benelli bikes in the Bangladesh market:

Benelli 165S: An amazing one of kind street fighter, with the Benelli 165S, you’ve got to play your card right. The 165cc engine will assuredly satisfy your power needs with a single-cylinder engine that is thrilling and smooth to ride around. With the edge created by a classical design and the ability to ride the motorcycle in a comfortable position, the 165S can excel in crowded city streets or become powerful enough to navigate open roads.

Benelli 165S bike price in Bangladesh

Benelli TNT 150: From lean to mean, fuel economy to exhilarating performance, the Benelli TNT 150 gives you the best of both worlds. This sporting function outbike claims to be powered by a 148cc, air-cooled engine that not only adds to power but consumes less fuel as well. The light chips and the maneuvering ease make it an irresistible attractive piece for both experienced motorcyclists and people who ride a bike for the first time.

Benelli TNT 150 bike price in Bangladesh

Beyond these two champions, Benelli Bangladesh offers a wider selection, including:Beyond these two champions, Benelli Bangladesh offers a wider selection, including:

Cruisers: Benelli, for cruiser enthusiasts, delivers the epitome of a comfortable and easy-going ride that is the BJ600 with features that make touring more enjoyable.

Scooters: Benelli addresses the city rush with smart and efficient units such as Zafferano 150 series incorporated within the improved scooter performance that allows for easy manoeuvre in city traffic.

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