Benelli Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below you will find the current Benelli price list in Bangladesh (2021), all Benelli Bangladesh showroom addresses, and latest/upcoming Benelli motorcycles in Bangladesh specifications, images.

Aftab Automobiles Limited, Bangladesh, sells Benelli motorcycles starting in 2019. Benelli is an Italian Company, however, all Benelli motorcycles in Bangladesh currently come from the Benelli china facility.

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Benelli, an Italian motorcycle brand more than 100 years old, was created in Italy. Q.J. currently owns Benelli. China. Benelli, one of the oldest Italian motorcycle makers, has a distinguished history in the global motorcycle industry.

It has achieved many wonderful milestones through the backtracks of its success. The company is still active worldwide, blending innovative features with unique designs.

Benelli Motorcycle began distribution in Bangladesh with Aftab Automobile Limited in February 2019. On February 24, 2019, Benelli Motorcycles was showcased at a launching event in Cox’s Bazar Chittagong. This marked the official start of Benelli’s distribution in Bangladesh.

Benelli 165S: Benelli Q.J. introduced the Benelli.165S at 5th Dhaka Bike Show. Benelli in Italy designed the Benelli 165S. Because of its attractive design, the bike has been a hit with many young Bangladeshis. The bike is attractive, and it also has quality and technological features.

The Benelli 160S comes with a fully digital dashboard. The dashboard includes a speedometer, an rpm counter, as well other essentials. In addition, the dashboard has a gear indicator, a clock, as well as many other information. An additional feature is the addition of switch lights to the digital LCD display.

The spark plug arrangement is what makes the Benelli 165S special. The bike comes with three spark plugs. Triple spark plugs ensure proper fuel ignition, and fuel combustion. The Benelli 165S’ triple spark plug setup is a huge plus because it prevents improper gas emission from automobiles.

The LED lighting system comes standard on the Benelli 160S. The LED lighting system in the headlight makes it very bright and suitable for night riding. The headlight comes with a DRL which looks amazing.

The Benelli 165S is a very tall bike with a saddle height of 810mm. A person with a height of 5’7″ will find the bike ideal. The bike’s overall height is also shorter, at 1070mm without mirrors. The overall bike is very thin, at 780mm. This means that it will be easy to get through traffic.

The Benelli 160S’s length and weight are 2030mm and 147kg. You can see the bike is heavier. A lot of people who are not experienced riders may find it difficult to ride the bike due to its heavyweight. This bike has an average wheelbase.

The Benelli EFI engine is new to the 165S. This engine is single-cylinder and 4-stroke. It also has liquid cooling. The engine has a triple spark plug setup that ensures proper fuel ignition. The engine generates 17.84BHP power at 9500 rpm and 14.2Nm torque at 7000rpm. The bike is capable of delivering 32-35kmpl in city traffic and 38 kmpl at highway speeds, according to BikeBD.

The bike includes a standard wet multiplate clutch. However, the bike also has a 6-speed transmission with the power coming even in the 6th. The maximum speed of the bike during the BikeBD testing ride was 135kmph.

The Benelli 160S has a dual-disc system. The front wheel is equipped with a 260mm disc. This increases riders’ confidence. The rear brake is equipped with a 220mm disk, which is excellent for high-speed stopping. CBS will enhance the braking performance of the Benelli 165S when used for high-speed braking.

Benelli TNT 150: The Benelli TNT 150 first made its debut to Bangladeshi audiences at the Dhaka Bike Show 2018. Initially, this bike was one the most anticipated of the year. Although Benelli may not be the most well-known name among Bangladeshi bikers, the bike made a great impression on them.

The Benelli TNT 150 bike is among the best-looking in its category. The bike looks like a lion and has inscriptions all over its body. The bike is simple but elegant in design. It is the first bike to have a visible framework and body. The bike looks aggressive despite having very few decals.

The Benelli TNT 150 comes equipped with an informative dashboard. The dashboard is fully digital, and provides all the information that one needs every day. It includes an rpm count, speedometer, as well as other information. Amateur bikers will appreciate the inclusion of a gear-position indicator.

Benelli TNT 150 features inverted telescopic forks on the front. These forks are very rare in Bangladesh but can be tuned and added to any bike. They will provide excellent suspension performance on Bangladesh’s roads.

The Benelli TNT 150 bike is very short at a height of only 780mm. While the bike might not be suitable for taller riders than 5’8″, the bike can be ridden comfortably by those who are shorter. The bike is small and lightweight, making it easy to maneuver on the road. A 13.5 liter tank is available, which will prove to be a significant advantage on long rides.

The Benelli TNT 150 is 2080mm in length, width, height and weight. You can see that the bike is very heavy in comparison to other bikes. This weight becomes unnecessary when riding at mid-range speeds. It is also quite slim, which can be a big advantage in traffic. The average wheelbase is 1365mm. This bike is ideal for novice riders.

Benelli TNT 150 features a single-cylinder, 4-stroke and 148cc carbureted engine. The bike is also air-cooled. The engine generates 11.4BHP power at 7500rpm. It also produces 10.7Nm torque at 6500rpm. While the bike isn’t as powerful as its competitors, it has enough power to commute around the city. Expect to see the bike get 45 kmpl.

The Benelli TNT 150 includes a basic, wet multi-plate clutch. The bike features a 5-speed transmission. This bike has a low top speed and low acceleration because of its low power.

The Benelli TNT 150 is equipped with a dual disc setup. The left side of the wheel houses a dual caliper brake mechanism. Because of the dial calipers, brakes are expected to provide excellent performance for emergency braking. It is a standard disc brake, which is a great addition given the bike’s price. CBS will assist you in emergency braking situations.

The Benelli motorcycle was first introduced to Bangladesh in the middle of 2017. It was an unofficial distribution. Because of this, import quantities were limited and sales were restricted to Dhaka. AftabAuto has begun expanding its national sales, service, and aftersales channels by taking the official distribution.

Aftab Automotive also holds the distribution of Keeway Motorcycles in the same premises as Qianjiang Motorcycle China.

However, they have started to organize their dealer network in Bangladesh for full-faze distribution. They have an assembly facility in Bangladesh. The factory is located in Fouzdarhat Industrial Estate, Jafrabad Chittagong.

Contact: Benelli Bangladesh

43-Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sarani, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Tejgaon

Dhaka1208, Bangladesh

Call: +880 1929988781

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Which country does Benelli originate from?

Ans- The Benelli brand is Italian, and is presently owned by a Chinese company, named Qianjiang Group.

2. What kind of starting method does the Benelli 165S follow?

Ans- The Benelli 165S has an electrical self-start.

3. What type of bike is the Benelli 150?

Ans- The Benelli TNT 150 is a commuter bike.

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