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Baic Car Price in Bangladesh

What is happening today in the field of the automotive industry is evidenced with the BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd.) which in fact will not be an understatement if we look at it from this angle. This well-recognised Chinese auto brand has been a mark of excellence for quite some time and its debut in Bangladesh only demonstrates how it strives to offer high-quality vehicle elements to car buyers who look forward to the utmost in class motoring.

BAIC Car Brands History

Once a dream conceived in 1958 by business magnate Xu Heyi, BAIC commenced journeys as a local carmaker and now transformed into an influential force of modern automobile industry worldwide. BAIC,it is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in China and one of the leading automotive companies in China, has well exploited Beijing’s industrial history and advanced technology to produce vehicles of new look that will enable the owners to drive in style while also saving money. The headquarters are situated in Beijing’s Shunyi district.

BAIC Cars in Bangladesh

The business of BAIC in the Bangladeshi market has been the cause of its illustrious agent, Ma Enterprise. This highly trusted partnership gives the BAIC a strong position in the country’s market which helps the customers in Bangladesh to get the brand’s most valued quality vehicles and above- market service support.

The sales network and experience of Ma Enterprise are exceptional in identifying the market and providing BAIC products throughout Bangladesh, thus becoming central for local consumers . State-of-the-art showrooms, customer care centres and service centres are only a few examples of Ma Enterprise’s superior services, which create customer satisfaction that ultimately produces a good image for BAIC.

BAIC Most Popular Cars Models

The array of BAIC’s electric vehicles clearly stands for its drive for perfection. From the ultra-modern, sleek and sporty BAIC Beijing X55 II to the versatile and rugged BAIC BJ40L you see on the roads daily and the compact and stylish BAIC X25, there is a BAIC model that suits everybody’s needs and personal tastes.

Baic Car Price in Bangladesh

The BAIC Beijing X55 II:

The reason why the BAIC Beijing X55 II, even the latest version of the model, is appreciated so much by all the people and the reason why it is a sample of the most intriguing machine in the world is that all its elements are characteristic for the achievements of the 21st century. With its aggressive styling brandishing sleek panels and shapely features, this mid-sized adventure vehicle exudes power and aesthetics that draw all eyes. Under their hoods, the engines of the Beijing X55 II II power the ride, the smoothness of a ride that is also fuel-efficient.


The BAIC BJ40L is best suited for those who desire excitement and want to tackle the most challenging terrains and, hence, the BJ40L Off-Roader becomes your perfect companion. This rough and tough SUV is capable of handling the extremes of the road thanks to its heavy-duty build, excellent 4×4 drive capability, and high ground clearance. With a large cabin size and noteworthy amount of cargo area, the BJ40L BAIC is exemplary for the outdoor lovers and thrill seekers alike.

Baic Car Price in Bangladesh

The BAIC X25:

BAIC X25 personifies the urban chicness of modern day times. This divorce SUV has a unique design which is both attractive and practical. This is an SUV that is ideal for urban dwellers; they want all the advantages of a stylish SUV but with the convenience of most practical SUVs as well. The BAIC X25 possesses better manoeuvrability and improved engine efficiency as it is a perfect match for the crowded city roads. The ample space and superior tech-loaded features make driving in this car very special.


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