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Aston Martin Car Price in Bangladesh

Aston Martin is a brand of British luxury cars with its purpose of craftsmanship well known for the production of handcrafted sports cars and grand tourers. Established in 1913, they quickly acquired the reputation of an elite brand standing for exquisite artistic endeavors, sophisticated performance, and a hint of the famous 007. They were reputed for the power of their cars, the stylish design and the link with British Engineering as good as it gets. It is still a global icon in our days. At present, Aston Martin has a long history. These head-turning speed machines always attract customers’ eyes.

Aston Martin History:

The legendary British automaker Aston Martin which was born in 1913 is the manufacturer of the world`s most exclusive high-performance sports cars. undefined

Early Beginnings (1913-1925):

The story commences when Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford set up Bamford & Martin in1913. This sort of business brought them the cars and they even did tuning of the existing models.

The very name “Aston Martin” stems from Aston Hill for which Martin was fond of participating in racing events and Bamfords’ family name(s). It was their first car, a modified Isotta Fraschini with the logo “Aston Martin” above its hood.

The couple designed and built the first car of their own in the year 1915. The war disrupted their production. Following the war, they commenced once again, but this time with a primary focus on sports cars. But, financial failure eventually prompted a shift in ownership in 1925.

Shifting Gears (1925-1947):

There was a brand new era under the reign of Lady Charnwood and “ Bert” Bertelli. This was the beginning of a journey that would see the world-renowned Aston Martin brand being born.

In those days, the ownership went through a ruckus, and the brand found it hard to find financial health. Nevertheless, Aston Martin managed to still produce some cool cars with respectable performance and style.

The David Brown Era (1947-1972):

The moment of truth was in 1947, when Aston Martin was bought over by David Brown. The company’s direction was motivated by the founder’s view and moved to a certain class of the high-power models which had elegance as well.

DB series, which includes DB5, DB4 and DBS models, is among the legendary cars that were manufactured during this era. DB5 gained popularity again after the movie Goldfinger which featured it as the car of choice for James Bond. Aston Martin became widely regarded as an iconic British luxury brand.

Aston Martin Car Price in Bangladesh

Aston Martin DB9 Specs:

The Aston Martin DB9 features a ticket-selling grand tourer that is all about the British deluxe of speed. However, under the hood there is an awesome 5.9L V12 engine which gives out 450 horsepower and 420 pound ft. pound torque. This breaks down to 0-60 mph time in just 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph which means that every ride is a sense of excitement.

Without leaving the sporty nature out, the DB9 has a calmed and luxurious interior. With the brand trimmed in Alcantara and leather, the cabin is a manifestation of nobleness. The same level of sleekness and sophistication gets extended to exterior design which displays a sculptured body and moving curves that attract every passing individual.

The DB9 would probably be the least practical choice for a high-end supercar, yet it has a 2+2 seating capacity suitable for limited space at the back. To be more exact the strong point is the driving again, the DB9 is very agile and precise that gives an incomparable driving-feeling to the driver. Just like for car enthusiasts that look for an iconic machine that blends elegance, grace, and luxury the Aston Martin DB9 is only a dream that must be unleashed.

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