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Aprilia Bike Price in Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Go beyond what you’ve seen before on those ordinary roads with Aprilia, an Italian brand that is all about high performance and powerful machines. Born after World War II, they begin with factory-produced bicycles but turn into motorcycles frenziers, making waves on dirt tracks and asphalt alike. Today, the brand still embraces its sleek sport bike style and racing legacy, but nowadays, it is no longer just the bikes that are turning heads and hearts.

Aprilia brand History:

Aprilia’s story starts from an Italian family after World War II. In post-war 1945 Alberto Beggio situated the small workshop in Noale and started to create bicycles to help people step back onto the gas. The son of the latter, Ivanov Lobao, was promoted to the office in 1968, 22 years later. Ivano saw the impossibility of motorbikes differently and inevitably.

Aprilia construction of its first motorbikes was moped as well. They were small and versatile, and you could even use foot pedals instead of the motor. But their aspirations quickly turned into overdrive mode. In the seventies they were already on by-dirt motocross tracks with their first motocross bikes. This early victory made Aprilia look for more performance boosters so it could make even more powerful units.

In Aprilia, the dirt was not only one to be conquered. They aim for the one which provides the high-speed motorbikes for the race. That was certainly a good move of hers. The introduction of their RSV Mile and RSV4 range, at the end of the last century, literally contributed to the popularity of Aprilia amongst riders.

Aprilia Arrival in Bangladesh:

If we take into account the life of Aprilia in Bangladesh, that is a short period. The Italian brand is reputed for manufacturing bicycles and motorcycles since the post-war time period, however, the exact point of entry into the Bangladeshi market is not evident. It might have been during the late 2010s. Runner Automobiles Ltd. (RAL) will be the sole distributor for Aprilia motorbikes in Bangladesh effective from today.

The appearance of several Japanese models produced thrilling experiences for Bangladesh motorbike lovers. Aprilia is well-recognized by international motorcycle lovers for its sports motorbikes and MotoGP participation – the world’s premier motor racing event. This standing for speed and innovations might have also been the reason attracting those riders, who look for strong and fashionable machines.

Aprilia SXR 160:

Engine: As a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, fuel-injected 160cc engine per se. The power is 10.70 BHP and torque is 11.60 NM. Probably transmitting through CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) for a motorbike-style experience. Disc brakes A telescopic fork at the front, a monoshock (details concerning its travel yet to be confirmed).

Aprilia SXR 160 price in Bangladesh

Features are expected to encompass a comfortable seat, underseat storage area, stylish design components, headlights with halogen or LED options, and a digital or analog instrument panel

Aprilia SR 150 Race:

Engine:  Aprilia SR 150 Race, most probably a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled or water-cooled 150cc engine (alternative used by variants). Power 9.90 BHP, Torque 10.90 NM. Especially for the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) operation which promises a scooter-like riding experience. Disc brakes front and rear. The telescopic fork for the front end and a mono shock absorber at the rear.

Aprilia SR 150 Race price in Bangladesh

Aprilia GPR 150:

Engine: Aprilia GPR 150 is 150cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled should be its engine. Power is 17.70 HP, Torque is 14 Nm. More than likely high performing 6-speed manual gearbox. Exceptional front and rear disc brakes (size to be agreed upon), possibly with ABS. Upfront telescopic or forks and a monoshock rear to enhance the sporty handling. Aprilia FX 150, Probably 4-stroke, solo-cylinder, air-cooled 150cc motor. A total of 10.46 BHP with 11.50 Nm torque. Designing to be a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Aprilia GPR 150 bike price in Bangladesh

Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear or disc brakes size will be confirmed. Telescopic fork at the front and monoshock at the rear. Headlight (halogen or LED could be selected), digital or analog instrument cluster

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