Aprilia Bike Price In Bangladesh 2022

Below you will find the Aprilia Scooters and bike prices in Bangladesh BD 2021. You will also find the Aprilia Motorbike showroom list in Bangladesh, along with all specifications and most recent images. Aprilia Bangladesh sells a range of high-quality scooters and sports bikes in Bangladesh.

Aprilia is a world-famous Italian motorcycle company that is best known for making racing and aggressive motorcycles. Aprilia makes a solid line of sports bikes, as well as some great scooters.

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Aprilia is an Italian Motorcycle Brand that is owned and managed by Piaggio & C. SpA (Italy). This is one the most renowned Italian motorcycle brands, and it has been in existence for over a century. Presently, the company operates globally representing many models of motorcycles. They also have a beautiful presence in the international motorcycle sports.

Aprilia GPR 150: The Aprilia GPR 150 sport bike is fully-faired. Aprilia GPR 150 receives a fully-faired frame. The bike is huge and looks like a Grand Prix motorcycle. The bike is equipped with very premium decals.

The decals on the bike are undoubtedly one of the most stunning features of the bike. The bike’s headlight unit is large and has a minimalistic, unique tail section.

Aprilia GPR 150 is very disappointing with its light setup. The head section contains two halogen lamps, which is unacceptable for a bike in this price range.

LED taillights are a welcome relief. The indicators are also LED. This makes it easier to see and less bulky. It would have been better if the dual headlights were LED. It also features LED parking units.

Aprilia GPR 150 includes a disappointing instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is a collection of information displayed on a very small LED screen. The instrument cluster is made up of an analog RPM count.

The LED display contains a speedometer/odometer, engine temperature/fuel gauge, and other important indicators. The entire LED instrument cluster has been compressed into a small area, making it difficult to read.

Aprilia GPR 150 is equipped with an EFI engine (Electronic Fuel Injection). This engine has an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) inside that regulates the amount of fuel it needs. This improves fuel efficiency. The 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is 149.2cc. It is liquid-cooled.

The engine generates 18BHP power at 9750 rpm and 14Nm of torque @ 7500 rpm. The bike’s power and torque are very suitable for a sportbike. This allows it to accelerate quickly and reach its maximum speed. Expect the bike to average 35kmpl in fuel economy.

Aprilia GPR 150 includes a basic multi-plate, wet clutch system. However, the bike does come without a slipper clutch. This would have been a huge advantage. The bike is expected at a speed of 135kmph.

Aprilia Terra 150 : The Aprilia Terra 150 ADV bike is complete. It comes with stock luggage rails and elevated mudguards. These functions might seem uncommon to the average biker but they are very important for adventure riders. The seat is wide and extended. The rear seat can be elevated slightly to allow the pillion full privacy.

Aprilia Terra 150 is equipped with a Halogen LED light set. The headlight comes with a wide reflector and halogen light. The headlight can be seen clearly from the highway. The taillight is a led light, and is visible from a considerable distance. They also have LED indicators. They are also arrow-shaped, making them very attractive.

Aprilia Terra 150’s instrument cluster is semi-digital. The instrument cluster contains a speedometer with an RPM counter, a gear position indicator and a trip meter. There are also other indicators that may be needed. The instrument cluster includes all the information that a veteran or intermediate might need.

Aprilia Terra 150 features a DOHC, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, 150cc engine. The Terra is fuel-injected and liquid-cooled. The engine puts out approximately 18 BHP of power at 9750 RPM and around 14Nm torque at 7500 RPM. It is powerful enough to be useful on the highway and it also has the power and torque necessary to get through the trails. It is expected that the bike will get around 42kmpl.

Terra is equipped with a wet multiplate clutch. The bike comes with a 6-speed gearbox, and the bike can pump out power even in 6th gear. Expect the bike to reach speeds in excess of 125kmph.

Aprilia Cafe150: Aprilia Cafe150, a scrambler designed in this way. The front suspension of the bike is slightly slanted. As all scramblers must have, the exhaust is elevated. To make it easy to scramble the bike, the handlebars have been made high and straight. There are air scoops at the sides of the tank that allow more air to flow towards the radiator.

Aprilia Cafe 150 has a very informative instrument cluster. The instrument cluster includes an odometer (speedometer), an odometer, fuel gauge, an analog RPM counter, and other useful indicators. The front is given a clean, minimalistic look by the design of the odometer.

All sides, front and rear are equipped with halogen lighting. A halogen unit equipped with large reflectors is the headlight. The taillight, a halogen, is slim and minimalistic. The indicators of the bike have an arrowhead shape and halogen units.

Aprilia Cafe150 has a single-cylinder engine with a 4-stroke and 150cc motor. This bike’s engine is water-cooled and fuel-injected. The engine generates around 18BHP @ 9750 rpm, and 14 Nm of torque @ 7500rpm. It is quite powerful compared to other bikes in the same range. The average mileage is between 40 and 45kmpl.

Aprilia Cafe150 also features a basic multi-plate wet clutch system. There are six gears in the transmission. This means that the power required to downshift during overtaking will be greater. It is predicted to reach speeds around 120 kmph.

Aprilia SR 150 Race: Aprilia SR 150RACE sports scooter. The scooter has a sporty design and sports decals. The scooter’s decals give it a high-end appearance. The scooter is a long single-seat model with the pillion side elevated slightly to sport a more sporty appearance. The scooter’s head and tail sections are also sharpened with an edge. This makes it appear more aerodynamic. Aprilia SR 150 RACE only comes in one design. It is very similar to the WSBK.

The entire halogen light system is used on the scooter’s headlight. The scooter has a dual halogen headlight setup. For long distance rides out of town, the headlight might not be sufficient. However, the scooter’s headlight should be adequate for urban commutes. The scooter’s taillight is also a halogen light bulb. This is enough to be visible from afar. However, the indicators are still bulbs. Modern scooters have bulb indicators that are slightly older.

The scooter has a minimalistic instrument cluster. Aprilia SR 150 RACE includes an instrument cluster that contains a speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, and a fuel gauge. As the scooter is equipped with an automatic transmission, there is no gear position indicator in the instrument cluster. So that the rider doesn’t get confused while driving, the instrument cluster has been kept simple.

A scooter enthusiast will first ask, “How many storage spaces does it have?” We can answer your question. The Aprilia SR 150 Race comes with a huge under-seat storage area. There is plenty of space for helmets to fit.

Aprilia SR 150 RACE has a 3-valve 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with 154.8cc. The engine is carbureted and has an air-cooled design. The engine can produce 10.06BHP power at 6750 rpm and 10.9Nm torque at 5000 rpm. While the scooter is not as powerful and torque for use on the highway, it is sufficient to be used for urban commutes. The scooter should achieve 40kmpl combined city and highway.

Aprilia SR 150 RACE features a fully automated gearbox which makes it extremely easy to use. The Aprilia SR 150 RACE also features an engine-mapping device that determines the scooter’s height and sends power to its wheels accordingly.

Aprilia motorcycles were first displayed in Bangladesh at the Dhaka Motor Show 2019. Aprilia motorcycles were presented by Runner Automobiles Limited at the Dhaka Motor Show 2019. As such, they have been designated as the official distributor in Bangladesh of Aprilia-branded motorcycles.

Contact: Aprilia Bangladesh

138/1, Tejgaon Industrial Area,

Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh

Call: 09611-222000

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. Where are Aprilia bikes made of?

Ans- Aprilia is an Italian company, and their bikes are made in varius countries across the world.

2. What are the Aprilia bikes in Bangladesh?

Ans- Aprilia currently has both the sports bikes and sports scooters in Bangladesh.

3. Does Aprilia make scooters?

Ans- Aprilia has a good lineup on well-built commuter and sports scooter. Currently, Aprilia has both 150cc and 125cc scooters in Bangladesh.

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