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Akij Bike Price in Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Akij Brand:

AKIJ Motorcycles: Innovation Genesis- The Motherland of Bangladesh

AKIJ bikes are not any other brand name; they symbolize the way to the AKIJ Group moving toward the new world after entry into the motor vehicle business.

AKIJ Group’s Legacy runs through (1940s – the Present)

The story of AKIJ Group goes back to the late 1940s when it was established by the late Sheikh Akij Uddin entrepreneur. At the outset, the bank was more active in jute trading, which was a dominant sector in the country. Through time, AKIJ Group broadened its operation and got into several industries (e.g. cigarettes, drugs, and consumer goods) These values of quality, innovation, and social responsibility then became the landmark of the company’s success.

AKIJ Motors Limited was born (2016).

Utilizing their long-standing knowledge in the transportation industry and the increasing demands for vehicles in Bangladesh led the AKIJ Group in the establishment of AKIJ Motors Limited in 2016. It symbolizes their factual commemoration in light industry such as motorcycle, light commercial vehicle, assembly and manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Emphasize on quality and importance of local needs (2016-Present)

AKIJ Motors concentrates on manufacturing and assembling motorcycles that meet the needs and suit the taste of Bangladeshi customers. That importance to the market is likely to be reflected in the design aspects of such features as fuel economy, durability, and affordability, which are very important for many Bangladeshi consumers. In Bangladesh, they have set up the dealer network of the showroom and service centers of their motorcycles to facilitate their access and after-sales support for customers. Keeping in mind that AKIJ is a new player in the motorcycle industry, information regarding the brand history of AKIJ Motorcycles may be rather scarce on the net.

AKIJ Motorcycles: A Bangladeshi Branded for the Bicycle Enthusiasts of Bangladesh.

Although AKIJ Motorcycle is a recently introduced motorcycle brand, AKIJ Group is a well-known Bangladeshi industrial group. 

The brand AKIJ Motorcycles is the one owned by AKIJ Motors Limited, a company that was born in 2016. The AKIJ Group capitalized on the increasing demand for dependable and inexpensive motorcycles in the Bangladesh motoring market by drawing on their long standing competence in the transportation sector.

They aim to develop units and manufacture motorbikes that satisfy Bangladeshi riders discriminated by their needs and selections.

Fuel Efficiency: A main aspiration of the AKIJ Mohor customers is this – great mileage per visit, which the motorcycles duly assure.

Durability: Rustproof and sturdy, AKIJ motorcycle has been designed to handle roads in Bangladesh no matter how awkward they are.

Affordability: One of AKIJ’s primary goals is to offer bikes at reasonable prices that are affordable even for a big portion of riders.

Electric Options 2016:

Alongside the lineup of petrol motorcycles, AKIJ has also developed electric versions under the brand name “E-Bike”. This features the increasing number of eco-transportation conscious citizens in Bangladesh. AKIJ has developed a web of showrooms and service outlets in the country which customers can conveniently nearby and getting after-sales service is part of the service package.

Akij Durdanto V6:

The V6 electric Akij Durdanto is the focal point of AKIJ Motor branding. It is a screamer bike with an 80 km/h top speed and 120 km range. It runs on a 72V 32/45Ah battery pack, and will take 4-5 hours to charge. This bike is equipped with disc brakes, LED lights, and digital display.

Akij Durdanto V6 bike price in Bangladesh

Akij Bondhu:

The Akij Bondhu is a slow-speed electric bike which can reach a top speed of 60 km/h and can ride for 80 km on one charge. The bike is equipped with a 60 V, 23 Ah battery and can be charged in 4-5 hours. It comes with the extra comfy seats, a storage basket and LED strips which gives it a more professional look.

Akij Bondhu price in Bangladesh

Akij Durbar:

The electric bike Akij Durbar is cheaper than other bikes on the market and has a top speed of 55 km/h and a 70 km range. Akij Durbar is driven by an electric motor. Powered by a 72V20Ah battery, the unit can charge anytime within 3-4 hours. It contains the minimal functionality such as LED lighting and a horn.

Akij Durbar bike price in Bangladesh

Akij Shomrat

Akij Shomrat is an affordable e-bike that can reach 50 km/h and travel up to 60 km. It is powered by a 60V20Ah high-capacity battery requiring only 3-4 hours of recharging. The device is characterized by the lightweight body and important things like LED signals. I hope these details bear on the matter. Thank you for listening, if you have any other questions please send them to me.

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