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Wuling Car Price in Bangladesh: 2024 (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Initiated in 1982 at Liuzho, China, Wuling Motors actually has long-standing traditions which go back to those times. To begin with, the company was mainly dealing with the manufacturing of agricultural vehicles for the domestic market of China. Their story is one of alter and readjust theirs, which makes them a significant member of the global car manufacture giants.

Wuling car brand history:

From simple agriculture seeds in 1982, China`s Wuling Motors terminated to having the global microvan monarch. Luckily, Mitsubishi became a wise partner in 1988, resulting in Hongguang, a famed car reminiscent of farmer’s car. There is Wuling in the market, attaining a commanding position and being known for being cheap and usable. Now, entering the age of electricity by the way, they’re at the vanguard of the Hongguang Mini EV success. Along with its global overview the way is going on an expansion for Wuling with the goal of shaping the future of mobility being rather underestimated..

Wuling come to the Bangladesh market with a mission to offer vehicles of the highest quality and class at an affordable price range. In 2022, distributors will share the platform with rancon. correspondents revealed the automaker’s possible partnerships with Bangladeshi companies for the assembly and distribution of Wuling cars as a strategy. On the other side, discussions about launching the Hongguang Mini EV model, which has long been a bestseller in Bangladesh and is most popular among the consumers who look for effective and affordable vehicles, have already taken place.

The Wuling Cortez: A Modular Family Car with a Greater Touch of Modernity

Chinese auto manufacturer, Wuling Motors became popular for manufacturing economical, and converted the Wuling Cortez into a brand new mid-sized MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle). This spacious and elaborate car option is wonderful for families seeking a comfortable ride that has the ability to perform many functions.

Wuling Cortez:

In the face of multiple user categories such as young couples, parents with small kids, or extended families and as such, offering a package of convenience features and an MPV design, the Wuling Cortez is a multi-purpose vehicle created to satisfy the needs of families on the go. Its 1.5L engine is turbocharged, therefore, produces about 140 horses of power for an adrenaline rush. Combined with either a smooth CVT that enables easy shifts or a manual transmission to deliver an enjoyable driving pleasure, the Cortez caters to many driver preferences. This 7-seater SUV provides an abundance of space, not only for the legs, but also for the heads, thus making long journeys extremely comforting.

Wuling Cortez car price in BangladeshThe next time you receive an invitation for a ride, pull down the house seats back, and there you are a spacious platform that is ideal for packing luggage, sporting equipment, or big shopping. Every now and then,the Cortez sacrifices on the technology, as well. An 8-inch touchscreen to keep you connected with navigation information, Bluetooth and smartphone mirroring capabilities is available. Safety comes first when we have ABS, EBD, stability control, airbags, and others working as a team, keeping you and your most treasured cargoes out of harm’s way. To sum up, wherever you’re doing your shopping, having a private trip or just travelling the daily way, this vehicle provides for you an engaging mix of space, comfort, performance and technology, and in this way it stands a chance to become a leader among mid-size MPVs.

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