Suzuki WagonR Price in Bangladesh

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৳ 1,900,000

Suzuki WagonR Price In Bangladesh & Spec Overview

Behold the Suzuki WagonR, a cosmic ballet of engineering prowess and aesthetic charm that graces the streets of Bangladesh with an aura of vehicular opulence. A car not merely driven but conducted, orchestrating a symphony of practicality and style that transcends the mundane. Explore the enchantment of Suzuki car prices in BD, where each note of affordability harmonizes with the melody of automotive brilliance.

Suzuki WagonR 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Suzuki WagonR Price in Bangladesh: November, 2023

The Suzuki WagonR price in Bangladesh is ৳ 1,900,000

Key Features of Suzuki WagonR 

The hatchback sensation on Bangladesh roads assembled with precision in India – explore the Suzuki WagonR 2023. The product was backed by strong warranties, which amounted to 15,000 kilometers or one year, thereby, ensuring the quality of the goods sold and promoted trust amongst the customers. 

With its stylish bodywork and comfy cabin, this car enhances the urbanite’s everyday commute while doubling as a useful addition to the family. Suzuki offers a number of different kits for performance enhancement, including tune ups, turbo chargers and exhaust upgrading. This makes the already popular Wagon R mini the preferred choice among compact car buyers who want more than just an average drive. To know all available car prices in Bangladesh Click Here

Heartbeat: Engine’s Crescendo

Embarking on the pilgrimage of Suzuki’s automotive brilliance, the WagonR reveals itself as a kaleidoscopic masterpiece, weaving together a melange of features that transcend the pedestrian. A 1.2-liter, 4-cylinder, dual VVT petrol engine pulses at its core, injecting 81.08 bhp of power at 6000 rpm, a testament to Suzuki’s commitment to propelling both wheels and imaginations.

Dimensions and Weight: A Ballet of Lightness and Stability

Picture the WagonR, a dancer on the automotive stage, with body dimensions that pirouette gracefully—1675 mm in height, 3655 mm in length, and 1620 mm in width. A prima ballerina with a weight of 920 kg, gliding through the asphalt stage with finesse and fuel efficiency.

The low center of gravity, a choreographic marvel, renders stability during the nimblest of maneuvers, a tango through city streets or a waltz down winding roads. The dimensions, like notes in a symphony, compose a vehicle that is not just driven but embraced.

Performance and Fuel Economy: The Sonata of Efficiency

In the engine bay, the WagonR conducts a sonata of efficiency. A 1.0-liter K10B petrol engine, akin to a virtuoso violinist, orchestrates 68 bhp of power and 90 Nm of torque. The choice of a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission, a crescendo in driving options.

Fuel efficiency becomes the resounding refrain, an ARAI-certified melody of 23 kmpl with the manual transmission, 20 kmpl with the automatic—an economic ballet on the stage of sustainability. The engine’s low emissions, a cadence of environmental responsibility, elevate the WagonR to the echelons of eco-friendly driving.

Wheels and Tyres: A Pas de Deux of Traction and Elegance

Envisage the WagonR’s dance on 14-inch alloy wheels and 165/70 R14 tires—a pas de deux of traction and elegance. The wheels, rigid and resilient, twirl through the asphalt stage with an air of sophistication, while the tires, like nimble dancers, provide both grip and resilience.

This tire and wheel composition, a choreography of stability and aesthetics, blends the practicality of road grip with the elegance of design. It is an automotive dance where form and function waltz hand in hand, creating an ensemble of road-worthy elegance.

Pros and Cons: The Theatrical Dialogue of Virtues and Quirks

As the curtain rises, the WagonR steps into the spotlight with well-designed allure, beckoning enthusiasts and pragmatists alike. Yet, the murmurs of dissent echo—an appeal for higher ground clearance, a desire for a more budget-friendly encore. The audience, a congregation of prospective drivers, awaits the resolution of this automotive theatrical dialogue.

The Denouement: A Versatile Odyssey Concludes

The final act unravels, revealing the WagonR not as a mere car but as a versatile odyssey—a performer for families, commuters, and adventurers. Its reliable powertrain, akin to a seasoned actor, takes center stage for long-distance voyages. Simultaneously, its compact size pirouettes through urban landscapes, an agile performer on the grand stage of versatility.

FAQ – Unraveling the Mystique

  • Why is Wagon R so popular?

The WagonR’s popularity crescendos, a harmonious blend of versatility and affordability. It’s the automotive sonnet for city driving, a symphony of fuel efficiency, and an ode to budget-friendly travel. Safety features, arias of airbags, and ABS brakes elevate it beyond its price range, a celestial melody of value for money.

  • Is Wagon R good for the family?

In the automotive theatre of family-friendly design, the WagonR takes the lead role. Comfortable seating, a voluminous interior, and a luggage capacity that echoes the grandeur of backstage storage make it an ideal choice for family journeys. The script unfolds with a high seating position, ensuring both safety and visibility for the entire family.

  • Is Wagon R good for hills?

The WagonR, a seasoned actor on the hillsides, dances through inclines with finesse. Its light frame, fuel-efficient heartbeat, and all-wheel-drive prowess make it the lead performer on hilly terrains. A short wheelbase and shock-absorbing suspension system add to its prowess, delivering a seamless performance on every ascent.

  • Is Wagon R comfortable?

In the grand theatre of comfort, the WagonR commands a standing ovation. Well-padded seats, a roomy interior for five, and adjustable lumbar support form the narrative of comfort. The suspension system, a maestro in absorbing imperfections, orchestrates a smooth ride, while climate control systems add the final notes to a symphony of comfort.

  • Is Wagon R good for highways?

As the WagonR takes center stage on the highway, its powerful engine and rigid chassis orchestrate a virtuoso performance. Roomy interiors and comfortable seating define the opulence of its highway performance. Advanced safety features, akin to a guardian angel, instill confidence in less-than-ideal conditions, while large tires grip the road with a virtuoso’s finesse. The curtain falls on a highway journey, leaving the audience in awe of this automotive thespian.

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Suzuki WagonR Price in Bangladesh A famous compact car is Suzuki WagonR. It is the most successful model from this brand, having become one of the best-sellers in Japan due to its recognizable style. The car has good fuel economy, a huge roominess, and a lot of other qualities that suit it for daily traveling.
  • Well designed
  • Great for long drives
  • Excellent safety features
  • Ground Clearance could be high
  • The price Should be less

Specification: Suzuki WagonR Price in Bangladesh

Basic Specification
Model Number

Suzuki WagonR 2023

Body type


Made In

India (Assembled)


Standard Warranty 15000 kilometers or 1 Years Which are come First


Officially Available


Brand New


16 Valves & 4 Cylinder, DOHC

Engine Displacement

1197 cc Dual VVT

Engine Power


Max. Engine Power

81.08 bhp @ 6000 rpm

Max. Torque (Nm /rpm)

113Nm @ 4200 rpm

Performance & Fuel Economy
Fuel Type

Octane, Petrol

Mileage (ARAI)

23 kmpl

Fuel Capacity

32 litres

Wheels and Tyres
Tyre Size

165/70 R14


2435 mm

Body Dimensions And Weight

1675 mm

Overall Length

3655 mm

Overall Width

1620 mm


920 kg

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৳ 1,900,000

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Suzuki WagonR Price in Bangladesh
Suzuki WagonR Price in Bangladesh

৳ 1,900,000

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