Suzuki Swift Price In Bangladesh

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৳ 2,300,000

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Suzuki Swift Price In Bangladesh & Spec Overview

Amongst other cars, Suzuki Swift Cars has been among one of the most purchased branded ones in Bangladesh due to its stylishness and low-costs. It is popular for the reason that it is a reliable and fashionable vehicle. Different colors are used to dress the models, thus giving them personality.

suzuki swift price in bangladesh

Therefore, if you need a reliable and fashionable vehicle, buy Suzuki Swift. To check all Suzuki cars in Bangladesh Click Here.

Suzuki Swift Price in Bangladesh

The Suzuki Swift price in Bangladesh is ৳ 2,300,000.

Key Features of Suzuki Swift 

The Suzuki Swift 2023 is a hatchback brand of car which was launched and introduced for sale in Bangladesh recently. Many Bangladesh drivers like this car as it is not that expensive compared to other cars on the market, but still good features are available.

With its sleek look on the outside and contemporary styling on the inside, this is not just another car. It is a fashion statement for the modern day individual. It has powerful engine enough for easier maneuvering and with the best fuel economy, this ensures you get the maximum returns on your money.

It also carries a limited warranty of 15000 km (1year). The Suzuki Swift of 2023 has numerous attributes which make it a perfect pick by any driver desiring to purchase a budgetary car with a stylish look. For complete car details please visit Car Price in BD page.


In Bangladesh, Suzuki Swift cars are fitted with four cylinders in the engine, DOHC, and 16 valves. Its K12b engine, having power output of 88.51 bhp at 6,000 rpm and peak torque of 113 Nm at 4,400 rpm. The 1.2 L DI dual jet dual VVT-i signified better performance with better fuel economy regarding displacement.

It also has electromotor fuel injection in the engine that maximizes combustion and improves performance of other parts. It has a contemporary six-speed manual transmitting system which makes its shifts simple and joyous.

The braking system for this vehicle is very powerful and ensures that anything into the engine system gets an immediate reaction, providing high-quality stopping ability. The car has 15 inch alloy wheels and 185/65 R15 tyres that makes movement possible even on bad roads.

Body Dimensions And Weight

Body dimensions and weight of the Suzuki swift car are essential issues as while buying the vehicle is a good product for this country. The car weighs 980 kg and has an overall height of 3845mm with a ground clearance of 0′ 6.41″. It has a width of 1735mm that provides enough room inside for passenger comfort.

The Suzuki Swift has a low center of gravity for improved handling; this makes the car stable through sharp turns and thus prevent it from overturning on corners. It has a low center of gravity which also helps in increasing mileage efficiency by reducing drag when driving on higher speeds.

The car has front macpherson strut stabilizer bar, and has a rear torsion beam axle coil spring giving smooth ride in bad terrains, absorbs impact from bumpy riders. The Suzuki Swift also features 15 inch alloy wheels attached on 195/65 R15 tires for a good grip both in urban and rural areas.

Its braking system is based on front disc brakes and rear drum brakes for immediate stoppage before causing unnecessarily extra strain to the drive or locking the wheels for that matter. It has a 37 liter fuel tank that is quite big enough for a long drive across Bangladesh.

Performance & Fuel Economy

This is why the Swift remains one of the most preferred cars used in Bangladesh. It is very efficient and helps them save a lot of money on fuel cost. The car features a 11 L VVT petrol engine producing 82Ps at 6000 rpm, and 113 Nm of torque at 4200 rpm.

Considering this fact, the manufacturer states that the Swift is capable of reaching the top speed of 210 km/h per hour. Additionally, the Suzuki Swift also has one of the best possible fuel economy ratings. According to ARAI Engine operates on 25 kilometers per liters which if the driver maintains the car and practices fuel economy could still be improved.

Its capacity is made up of 37 litters which makes it easier to travel without making numerous stopovers to refill. In terms of transmission, Swift offers a five-speed manual system, which leads to improved shifts in drive. It has 175/65 R15, 15-inch tubeless tyres fitted on its 15-inch alloy wheels.

They are hardy and hold on to any surface firmly. It is fitted with disc brakes in front which provides quick responses and enough braking power, therefore, safety while coming to a sudden stop in an emergency situation.

Overall fuel economy is very good so can be used in daily practical purpose as an economical yet powerful car in Bangladesh.


In Bangladesh, the Suzuki Swift vehicles have five-speed automatic transmissions. The system aims at facilitating seamless and effortless shifts between different sets of gears without compromising on engine efficiency in order to offer a pleasant driving experience for the driver.

Electronic control devices built into the transmission system enables the engine to run efficiently and fully optimize it with changes in speed such as accelerating or decelerating. There is a manual gear shift mode that facilitates better and exact control on any occasion while the overdrive facilitates reduced fuel consumption of the vehicle.

It has a sport mode as well which enhances the responsiveness of the car and offers sharper gear shifts for much better performance.

Wheels and Tyres

Wheels and tires on the Suzuki Swift cars in Bangladesh are engineered for extra comfort. Usually, the tire size of Suzuki swift is of the form 185/65 R15 suitable for most roads in our country. Its wheelbase measures 2450mm which makes it extremely stable on the road and provides good handling characteristics.

The tire’s compound is built with high-end rubber that offers extra grip for all terrains. Balanced construction on the wheels is another aspect of these tires that improves cornering while retaining steady driving motion.

Furthermore, they have powerful alloy rims that resist corrosion and abrasion and also assist in reducing road noise. These are some of the features that make Suzuki swift a good choice for comfort and reliable driving.

Brake System

The braking systems of the Suzuki Swift are effective in granting the driver with optimal control and security. Ventilated disc front brakes dissipate heat better than solid discs. This reduces brake fade thus improving stopping power even when heavily worn out.

These brakes provide increased accuracy and responsiveness when applying pressure for effective stoppage while operating under the slippery or wet condition. They have rear drum brakes, which give powerful, stable halting capability.

The brake system works excellently even under braking hard while carrying a load or cornering and is also resistant to wheel lock under braking hard. Suzuki Swift’s drum breaks are quieter than the disc brakes, requiring minimal adjustments in the long run.


The Suzuki Swift, which is a small car in Bangladesh has several features. It is spacious enough, with room for 5 persons. Two at the front and another three at the back. It has got cushioned seats with enough space on their legs.

Further, the car has enough room in it for everyone despite having an open sunroof. The cargo space in the Suzuki Swift is about 320 litres or approximately eleven cubic feet. It leaves plenty of room for carrying luggage and other items over weekends’ camping trip and longer drives.

Likewise, the back side could extend the cargo section by folding outwardly. Additional space gives 960 liters/32 cu.ft. In short, it is very handy and can be used to go far on vacation and a trip.

It seats passengers in a generous way with enough space for each passenger. In addition, it also comes with a spacious load area that perfectly fits and carries all the necessary items required for the trip.


The Swift’s interior is quite good, as it features a roomy and plush cabin. Its upholstery is top notch and very sophisticated in design, as its dashboard has a good look and feel. ERCHANTABILITY POLICY There is an adjustment of the front seats in different directions, thereby creating comfort for a driver.

The rear seat space is also generous, providing enough legroom or headroom for the adult. Lastly, the extra central front arm rest makes the car even more accommodating. With the back seats in place, boot space is 265 liters that is sufficient for a good-time weekend away or shopping spree.


  • Powerful engine
  • Excellent performance
  • Effective brake system
  • Great looks


  • Plastics for the inner parts require improvement
  • Cabin noise should be reduced


Lastly, the Suzuki Swift is ideal for any kind of driver. By Comparator With its sexy design, high mileage and excellent driver assistance options, this is exactly what one would want in a safe and affordable car. Its prices make it the choice car to any person who is looking for a trustworthy but cheap car.

The Suzuki Swift is a vehicle that will provide safety while giving it a stylish feel. You could also use this car to save gas if that’s what you intend to do.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question

  • Is Swift good for the highway?

An ideal car for a highway ride, the Suzuki Swift, is also pocket-friendly. Four cylinders are equipped in it, which is enough to overcome the pressures on the freeways. The swift is fitted with an engine that has a maximum speed of 210 kmpl and an impressive economy which facilitates long distance journeys without necessarily burning a hole in your pocket.

Moreover, Suzuki offers state-of-the-art engineering such that the engine is durable regardless of the number of years it has been in use. Due to the low center of gravity, narrow turning radius and nimble handling of the Swift, the car is suitable for roads as well as rough terrain.

Lastly, its comfortable inside incorporates plush seats with plenty of room for your legs as well that should ensure that you feel good all throughout your trip while listening to your preferred tunes via the infotainment system.

  • Is Swift best for a long drive?

The Suzuki Swift is a very appropriate car for traveling. The light design of this car, good suspension and comfort while in motion qualifies it as suitable for lengthy journeys. Its 1.2-liter DOHC engine generates 92 horsepower with acceptable fuel consumption, allowing one for good mileage on road trips.

Car has also got 5-speed manual transmission with excellent gear ratios that keep the cruising speed constant on highways. Other added components are also inbuilt into the swift that includes two air bags, ABS with EBD, brake assist, AND ISOFIX child seat anchors which offer enhanced security during prolonged safaris.

Moreover, the interior cabin of the Swift is intelligently designed for comfortable and intensive use for a long time. These features enable the Suzuki Swift to serve as an ideal car for people traveling on frequent roads and highways.

  • Why is Swift a good car?

The Suzuki Swift has an image as a cheap model, but it offers the best engine in combination with a comfortably-suspended bodywork. The car also competes equally among equal vehicles in driving, thus, making it one of the best cars around the cities and other big roads. The Swift also has a very good health record, with six airbags and stability control systems standard on nearly every model.

Finally, the interior cabin of the car is spacious enough for the normal comfort of the driver and all possible passengers there. Besides, the outward impression of the Swift is stylish, giving one more reason to love this car.

The Suzuki Swift has a dependable and economical gas engine. This system is excellent for power provision, thus, will permit you gliding down through rugged dips rapidly. Good fuel economy makes it a perfect pick for those covering a long route or just driving around.

It also flows well and is responsive. Therefore, here are some reasons why anyone would wish Suzuki Swift was their perfect vehicle. Therefore, it can be used by anyone looking for a safe cost effective car that can travel on city roads as well as highways.

  • Is Swift fuel efficient?

There are some famous small cars made by Suzuki, including, but not limited to the famous small cars with high fuel economy made by Suzuki. The vehicle also comes with Eco Drive Assistance system that monitors your driving style and gives you advice on driving in a fuel efficient way.

The idle stop also helps to save fuel by turning off the engine when you are stopped in traffic, at say, a red light or corner and therefore up to 10% in overall fuel consumption. The sum of all these features makes the Suzuki Swift ideal for individuals seeking a car with efficient fuel consumption.

  • Is Swift a comfortable car?

The Suzuki Swift is a comfortable, well-handled car with plenty of passenger space without being cramped because of its ergonomic design. While the seats are hard yet soft seats, they will give you good back support throughout the journey.

The air-conditioning system still cools the cab well despite high temperatures. On the other hand, it has an adjustable steering which can accommodate people of different heights and personal preferences while driving.

It should also be noted that the sound insulation techniques facilitate the ability of the car to provide smooth travel without noises or vibrations getting into the car cabin. All these features unite into one to make a pleasant drive any weather for the one seeking such a Suzuki Swift.

9Expert Score
Suzuki Swift Price In Bangladesh Currently available in Bangladesh is a hatchback brand-named “The Suzuki Swift 2023”. Despite this, it is still a go-to vehicle among Bangladesh’s drivers because of its worth for the price.
  • Powerful engine
  • Excellent performance
  • Effective brake system
  • Great looks
  • The interior plastics should be improved
  • Cabin noise should be reduced

Specification: Suzuki Swift Price In Bangladesh

Basic Specification
Model Number

Suzuki Swift 2023

Body type


Made In

India (Assembled)


Standard Warranty 15000 kilometers or 1 Years Which are come First


Officially Available


Brand New


16 Valves & 4 Cylinder, DOHC

Engine Displacement

1197 cc Dual Jet Dual VVT

Engine Power


Max. Engine Power

88.51 bhp @ 6000 rpm

Max. Torque (Nm /rpm)

113Nm @ 4400 rpm

Performance & Fuel Economy
Top Speed(est)

210 (Kmph)

Fuel Type

Octane, Petrol

Fuel Capacity

37 litres

Fuel Economy(ARAI)

25 kmpl

Transmission Type(Gear)


Wheels and Tyres
Tyre Size

185/65 R15


2450 mm

Brake System
Front Brake

Ventilated Disc

Rear Brake


Seating Capacity

5 Persons

Boot Space

265 Litre

Body Dimensions And Weight
Kerb Weight

980 Kg

Overall Height

3845 mm

Overall height (mm.)

1735 mm

Ground Clearance(Feet+Inch)

0' 6.41"

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Suzuki Swift Price In Bangladesh
Suzuki Swift Price In Bangladesh

৳ 2,300,000

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