Suzuki Brezza Price in Bangladesh

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৳ 3,600,000

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Suzuki Brezza Price In Bangladesh & Spec Overview

The name Suzuki has always been associated with excellence as far as quality and performance. This also applies to Suzuki Brezza cars among others. Considering that Brezza is one of the best-selling vehicles in Bangladesh with its unique appearance and efficiency levels, it is obvious why many buyers opt for this model.

But then if you are thinking of buying a new car, the best one should be the Suzuki Brezza which is not going to disappoint you. Please, go to Suzuki Car Price in Bangladesh page to see that all their vehicles are checked.


Suzuki Brezza Price in Bangladesh

The Suzuki Brezza price in Bangladesh is ৳ 3,600,000.

Key Features of Suzuki Brezza

The image of the modern Bangladesh was caught by a glossy SUV Suzuki Brezza. It is however affordable despite having numerous attributes, which enhance efficiency. Brezza is a non-conventional looking SUV on sale in Bangladesh.

The additional features such as adjustable seats, climate control, and integrated audio system make it more comfortable. This car arrived from India (legally) in Bangladesh, in 2023.

It’s also available in metallic granite gray, metallic silky silver, pearl starry blue, red, yellow, black, and white. However, any person who selects this model enjoys a “55,000 kilometers/3 years” which comes first. If you would like to view the entirety of a car, take a look at Car Price in Bangladesh.


This type of an SUV includes a 16 valve & 4 cylinder DOHC engine with displacement of Dual Jet Dual VVT. With its K15c smart hybrid system, it offers power of 101.64 bhp@6000 rpm and torque 136.8 Nm @ 4400 rpm.

It produces more than enough power for daily city usage and gives way for hassle-free cruising on a highway.

It also has an advanced fuel injection program which improves on the combustion efficiency thus reducing fuel consumption and pollution. Besides, it has relatively lower noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels thus enabling smooth and quiet rides.

Body Dimensions And Weight

Suzuki Brezza seems just perfect for a city driver as it is smaller though maintains high quality standards. For instance, Suzuki Brezza has a high clearance of 1685mm, long dimension of 3995 mm and wide dimension of 1790mm resulting in adequate extra space both outside and inside.

The compactness and light weight Suzuki Brezza weighing at just 1135 kgs make it easy to maneuver in crowded urban streets. This model combines the lightweight, sports look and small sized body that makes it easy for driving around a busy downtown. The Suzuki Brezza has adequate ground clearance for off roading.

Performance & Fuel Economy

The Suzuki Brezza has proven to be one of the best cars that sellers can offer among all the choices available on the market in Bangladesh. It has a 48 liter tank capacity and that means you will be able to travel more before stopping for refueling.

It runs in Octane/Petrol and its official certified fuel efficiency is rated at 21 Kmpl. Economical as well and not too hard on wallet while undertaking long trips.

Moreover, it has a low level fuel light that warns whenever there is depletion of power and thus allows one to prepare in advance for refueling.


There is a 6-speed automatic transmission on the Suzuki Brezza that gives you clean shift gears. It is engineered to give the driver utmost control and stability under any circumstances.

It also features an electronically controlled unit (ECU) that enables rapid and smooth shift of gears during driving.

It also ensures reduced fuel consumption while maintaining efficiency. Comparatively, newer six-speed automatics are more responsive with an added advantage of superior acceleration, soft changes through gears and less noise.

Moreover, it enables the driver to be in charge of how fast the car should move since the ECU adapts the shift points depending on the preferences and the road condition. There is also Neutral Gear Mode that assists in engine braking during the descent of slopes or when stopping.

On the other hand, the Suzuki Brezza features FWD that enhances vehicle stability when driving on slippery grounds.nа It’s useful in town driving, which mostly has narrow corners and a lot of gripping is necessary to give smooth turning.

The other thing that FWD does is to minimize torque steer making it easier to control vehicle movement. Further, a weighted 6-speed automatic transmission with low friction losses enhances fluidity thereby leading to better fuel economy than the conventional manual system.

Furthermore, it features automated processes, which in turn ensures frequent periods of operations as well as low running costs towards the end.


This is because the Suzuki Breza is equipped with a power-steered system which enhances effective, painless steering movement. Rack and pinion steering gear type ensures proper directional control of the car. The car also has an adjustable steering column that lets its driver modify the steering wheel position.

Suzuki Brezza has a minimal turning radius of about 5.2 meters thus very easy on U turns including in small car parks and little pathways. The provision of numerous exit/entry ramps also allows the motorists to have convenient U-turns even in constricted spaces.

Secondly, the power steering system improves driving comfort and reduces stress on the driver while operating the turn. In particular, Suzi Brezza’s superior steering system allows the driver to have smooth operation of his car in any circumstance.

Brake System

Suzuki Brezza’s braking system is reliable and effective. Ventilated discs provide a better braking performance than conventional drum brakes at the front of the vehicle. Disc ventilation enables a device to be cooled during intensive operating sessions thus avoiding an overheat problem or fadings.

This makes them suitable for vehicles such as Brezza that are meant to be used in the highway and inside the cities. Moreover, the ventilated disc brake system improves stability during braking as there should be greater frictional resistance on one plate compared to several drums.

The brake system for the rear wheels on the Suzuki Brezza is a drum type. Although drum brakes are very effective, they do not perform as consistently as disc brakes because when used heavily they become hot and lose their braking power. Therefore, such devices are normally deployed in non speedy cars to drive them for short spans of time.

This is why drum brakes dominate in small cars such as Suzuki Brezza that do not require very expensive additional upgrades.


The Suzuki Brezza is equipped with an efficient suspension system that allows for a smooth ride. The rear suspension includes a torsion beam and coil spring configuration, providing excellent handling and stability. The front suspension features a Mac Pherson strut and coil setup, allowing greater control when cornering or negotiating tight turns. 

This advanced configuration also reduces vibrations felt through the steering wheel and ensures a comfortable ride even over rough terrain. Additionally, the shock absorbers have been designed to provide a good level of dampening, ensuring that the car remains stable regardless of the road surface. 

All in all, the Suzuki Brezza offers an efficient and reliable suspension system that provides a comfortable ride no matter where you go.

Wheels and Tyres

A good suspension system in Suzuki Brezza gives a comfortable drive. Rear suspension with torsion bar and coil spring gives great handling qualities and ride comfort. There is a Mac-Pherson strut and coil setup for front suspension to give better control while turning or maneuvering.

The advanced setting of this configuration also eliminates or mitigates vibrations on the steering wheel, hence making the ride smooth even in rugged areas. The shock absorbers also deliver excellent damping to maintain stability despite road conditions.

Finally, the Brezza’s suspension is highly efficient and reliable offering smooth rides no matter the place you are.


Suzuki Brezza has five seats and numerous cargo boxes – perfect for short or long journeys. This car accommodates a seating capacity of five persons having spacious space for them and their luggage. In addition to a roomy cabin, ample legroom and headroom can be found both in the front row as well as in the back seat.

One of the crucial aspects of the Suzuki Brezza is the size of its boot space. The luggage space is 320 liters, extending up to 810 litres when back seats are folded downward. It also allows convenient storage of big things, like a camping set, a suitcase, among others, during an automobile journey.

It is also provided with many storage facilities which ensure that one keeps his/her small things arranged while driving. Finally, the Suzuki Brezza has a number of other important functionalities that make it a great choice for a family vehicle. It has a 48-litre fuel tank capacity so that one can cover more distances before having to refill.

Its ground clearance is 200mm, which makes it sufficient in clearing most obstacles during your journey. Lastly, it boasts of a turning circle radius of only five meters which is very impressive and helps in making sharp turns and moves easily.


  • Good fuel economy 
  • Smooth gear shifts 
  • Superior handling & stability
  • Generous space inside the cabin  


  • Limited ground clearance
  • The engine power should be improved


Suzuki Brezza is a compact SUV with a powerful engine, stylish body size and weight, excellent performance and fuel economy, smooth gearbox, accurate rudder, soft absorption, good wheel-tire combination, and big loads. With this said, it’s not surprising at all that the Suzuki Brezza has seen more sales following its release into the market.

Although it has many advantages it is good to consider other disadvantages of this car before buying it. In summary, the Suzuki Brezza is a perfect car that offers good performance, has a stylish look, as well as reasonable price.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question

  • Is the Brezza engine good?

There is a highly efficient fuel consumption of 1.3 litres/100 km which produce about 101.64 bph at 6000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and a peak of torque of 136.8 N m It is a powerful engine that performs well in the city streets but also excels when driving at highway speeds. In addition, it has good fuel efficiency (about 21 km/l) and excellent road traction at higher speeds.

A 6-speed Auto gearbox is installed on the engine in order to improve the vehicle’s handling when in city traffic situations. Additionally, VVT, MPI, and electronic fuel injection which greatly contribute in reduction of the emission levels are incorporated into its design.

In summary, Breza’s engine is reliable with decent fuel economy and emissions levels.

  • Is Brezza SUV or not?

The Suzuki Brezza is a subcompact SUV. The Brezza is a wonderful option for individuals who want an SUV with a smaller footprint but still plenty of energy and space. 

As a result, it offers the satisfaction of each worlds – greater indoors room than sedans or hatchbacks without sacrificing overall performance or gasoline economic system. The Brezza’s tall body gives it enough floor clearance to make it appropriate for off-roading, and its 4-wheel drive device ensures exact grip on all surfaces. 

It also comes with several protection capabilities, which include dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, ESP, and hill-preserve manipulation. Despite its compact size, the Brezza can deliver as much as 5 humans easily and additionally has masses of storage space. 

So if you’re looking for an SUV that won’t absorb an excessive amount of space but nonetheless offers lots of capabilities, then the Suzuki Brezza is in reality worth thinking about.

  • Is Brezza good for hills?

The Suzuki Brezza is an awesome car for tackling hills. With its muscular engine and espresso center of gravity, it has the electricity and balance to effortlessly deal with steep inclines. It additionally offers true floor clearance, permitting it to adventure over uneven terrain without an exquisite deal of trouble. 

The Brezza is likewise equipped with a complex traction manipulation system that facilitates easy acceleration on climbs and higher braking overall performance while descending. Its automated transmission system similarly permits drivers to pay attention more on the ascent in areas of disturbing approximate tool shifts. 

Additionally, its Hill Hold Control feature gives extra help in mountaineering hills with the useful resource of retaining brake stress even though the motive force takes their foot off the brake pedal at a standstill. All in all, the Suzuki Brezza makes for a splendid associate for hill-mountain climbing adventures.

  • Is Vitara and Brezza same?

The Suzuki Vitara and Brezza are each compact SUVs supplied through the Japanese automaker. However, the two models are relatively exclusive from each other in phrases in their layout and features. The Vitara is an extra traditional-searching SUV with a boxy shape and springs with large dimensions. 

It is powered by a 1.6-liter petrol engine, at the same time as the Brezza is an extra modern-looking subcompact SUV with sleeker lines and springs with smaller dimensions. It is powered through a 1.Three-liter diesel engine. 

In terms of features, the Vitara has an in-depth list of features that include cruise manipulation, computerized climate manipulation, adjustable suspension dampers, hill descent manipulation, parking sensors, and a touchscreen infotainment device. 

The Brezza additionally has some similar functions, such as cruise control and climate management, however it lacks in positive regions, such as adjustable suspension dampers and hill descent management. In terms of safety gadget, each fashions come prepared with twin the front airbags and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) as standard throughout all variations. 

However, the Vitara receives extra features such as ESP (Electronic Stability Program), traction manipulation machine, and rear parking sensors that are available best in better versions of the Brezza. 

Overall then, whilst both fashions have their similarities, they’re additionally distinctly distinct from each other in phrases of layout, powertrain, and characteristic set – making them  distinctively different cars to pick from depending on your desires.

  • Is Brezza easy to drive?

The Suzuki Brezza is a famous compact SUV, and genuinely considered one of the most important sights in every is how smooth it’s miles to press. It has a smooth, responsive journey and top notch visibility from the strain strain seat. The Brezza has a smooth 6-pace manual transmission that makes converting gears impactful. Marines also feel a chunk extra special, making navigating tight spots or city streets a breeze.

Moreover, the Brezza offers lots of electricity to drive splendid cars on the highways and dominate the hills with a 1.5L 5-horsepower engine 100. Overall, the Suzuki Brezza is designed to be a smooth car that offers sturdy overall performance and enjoyable adventure on the whole lot of brief journeys and long drives.

  • Is Brezza noisy?

The Suzuki Brezza is a popular SUV that has been praised for its performance and reliability. However, a few people have expressed worries about the extent of noise it produces. This is due to its turbocharged 1.3-liter petrol engine, which provides a maximum of 100PS and 138Nm of torque. 

The engine is rather effective and efficient however can be pretty noisy whilst revving at excessive speeds. At lower speeds and even as cruising, the Brezza’s noise tiers are generally now not taken into consideration intrusive. However, whilst accelerating or mountaineering hills, the engine can produce a substantive quantity of noise. 

The sound is generally defined as a “turbo whistle” that can end up pretty loud at positive factors. It is also common for the Brezza to emit a few exhaust-related noises all through hard acceleration or whilst mountaineering steep hills. 

Overall, the Brezza does produce more engine noise than many other motors in its class. Although this can be off-setting for a few drivers who select extra quiet performance from their automobiles, it has to be mentioned that those more sounds are typically handiest heard in specific situations inclusive of accelerating or mountain climbing hills.

9Expert Score
Suzuki Brezza Price in Bangladesh The image of the modern Bangladesh was caught by a glossy SUV Suzuki Brezza. It is however affordable despite having numerous attributes, which enhance efficiency. Brezza is a non-conventional looking SUV on sale in Bangladesh.
  • Good fuel economy 
  • Smooth gear shifts 
  • Superior handling & stability
  • Generous space inside the cabin  
  • Limited ground clearance
  • The engine power should be improved

Specification: Suzuki Brezza Price in Bangladesh

Basic Specification
Model Number

Suzuki Brezza 2023

Body type


Available Colors

Metallic Granite Grey, Metallic Silky Silver, Pearl Starry Blue, Solid Fire Red, Solid Sizzle Orange, Solid White

Made In

India (Assembled)


Standard Warranty 55000 kilometers or 3 Years Which are come First


Officially Available


Brand New


16 Valves & 4Cylinder, DOHC

Engine Displacement

1462 cc Dual Jet Dual VVT

Engine Power

K15C Smart Hybrid

Max. Engine Power

101.64 bhp @ 6000 rpm

Max. Torque (Nm /rpm)

136.8 Nm @ 4400 rpm

Performance & Fuel Economy
Fuel Type

Octane, Petrol

Mileage (ARAI)

21 kmpl (Approx.)

Fuel Capacity

48 litres

Low Fuel Warning Light


Drive Type

Front Wheel Drive



Transmission Type


Minimum Turning Radius

5.2 meters

Steering Gear Type

Rack & Pinion

Steering Type


Adjustable Steering Column


Power Steering


Wheels and Tyres
Tyre Size

215/60 R16

Wheel Size

16 inch

Wheel Base

2500 mm


2500 mm

Brake System
Front Brake

Ventilated Disc

Rear Brake


Seating Capacity

5 Seaters

Air Conditioner


AntiLock Braking System


Central Locking




Power Windows


Audio System Remote Control


Bluetooth Connectivity


Adjustable Seats


Anti-Lock Braking


Anti Theft Device


Brake Assist


Crash Sensor


Door Ajar Warning


Engine Check Warning


Power Door Locks


Rear Camera


Rear Seat Belts


Seat Belt Warning


Child Safety Locks


Speakers Front & back


Touch Screen


USB & Auxiliary Input


Back Suspension

Torsion Beam & Coil Spring

Front Suspension

Mac Pherson Strut & Coil

Height Adjustable Driver Seat


Automatic Climate Control


Bottle Holder


Digital Clock


Electric Folding Rear View Mirror


Parking Sensors


Rear Reading Lamp


Body Dimensions And Weight

1685 mm

Overall Length

3995 mm

Overall Width

1790 mm

Kerb Weight

1135 kg

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    Suzuki Brezza Price in Bangladesh
    Suzuki Brezza Price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 3,600,000

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