Suzuki Ertiga Price In Bangladesh

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৳ 3,300,000

Suzuki Ertiga Price In Bangladesh & Spec Overview

Now, Suzuki Ertiga cars have become fashionable in Bangladesh. This is because of what the Suzuki Ertiga represents in terms of unique design, engine type, fuel economy, safety and space. It is among the most fuel efficient cars available in the market today. It also has some exciting aspects like a superior music system, pleasant drive, and awesome power trainings. Visit Suzuki car price in BD to inspect all Suzuki cars.

suzuki ertiga price in bangladesh

Suzuki Ertiga Price in Bangladesh

The Suzuki Ertiga price in Bangladesh is ৳ 3,300,000.

Key Features of Suzuki Ertiga

This is a MUV known as the Suzuki Ertiga 2023, which is produced in India and can be bought. It comes with some useful functions, like safety, efficiency, and reliability which are exactly what anyone who is looking for a quality automobile would expect.

Its standard warranty of 55000 kilometers or three years whichever comes first, large interior and advanced safety technology. In addition, with the Suzuki Ertiga, there should be no worries that each feature you require for a MUV is not included at a low cost. Find out more below about the Suzuki Ertiga’s main points. Please visit Car Price in Bangladesh for more information on each car detail.


Suzuki has made provision for a 1.5L K15C Smart Hybrid DOCH 16 valve, 4 cylinder engine which delivers power output of up to 101.64 bhp at 2000 rpm and torque It offers Dual Jet Dual VVT that guarantees seamless operation and optimum fuel economy.

An outstanding power-to-weight ratio, which means light weight and superior dynamic acceleration for great all-terrain capability and agility. The engine has a sophisticated automatic stop and go system, which reduces fuel use when stuck in traffic or during city driving. The car’s efficiency makes it able to run on the common regular unleaded petrol, with an average of 19 kmpl.

Body Dimensions And Weight

An MPV from a Japanese manufacturer called Suzuki Motor Corporation, which has a midsize lineup referred as Suzuki Ertiga. Its dynamically styled exterior gives it an appearance of attraction. Its overall length is measured at 4395 millimeters while its width and depth are 1735 millimeters and 1690 millimeters, respectively. It has a 1205Kg ker’ weight which keeps it lighter while on drive.

In addition, seven and half inches of ground clearance would not be a hassle on your part even when driving through poor terrain. It is also good that the cab seat can take up to seven individuals comfortably. The various features including those outlined above that are characteristic of this model have made the Suzuki Ertiga, one of the finest mid-sized multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) available at a highly competitive pricing point in the Bangladesh market.

Performance & Fuel Economy

It has a very high mileage and the performance it offers is just amazing. This engine delivers 106bhp at 6000rpm and gives maximum peak torque of 138Nm @ 4400 rpm which propels the car to go from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just eleven seconds. A five speed manual transmission is combined with VVT.

Indeed, the Ertiga boasts an incredible fuel efficiency value of 19 kmpl, compliant with the ARAI standardized test procedure. Its light body weight (1,145kg), low drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.32, adds to this efficiency. Adequate range for long distance travels provided by a 45 liter fuel tank capacity.

In summary, the Suzuki Ertiga is a wonderful vehicle in terms of efficiency and fuel economy. It serves well as a drive-in-town or drive-through-highway car.


Suzuki Ertiga in Bangladesh comes with a five-speed gearbox specially designed to perform effortlessly regardless of the terrain. This system of transmissions is very responsive and gives good acceleration enabling a driver to use it both on the motorway and in the town.

It is also highly fuel-efficient, allowing you to depend on it to reduce your costs at the pump. In addition, a manual shift mode ensures that the driver has an additional level of control over their vehicle, enabling them to upshift or downshift as they desire.

The driver can therefore go all out in tackling tough routes or sharp bends. Lastly, this transmission is designed for low maintenance and reliability; if properly serviced, it can give trouble-free running over the decades.

Wheels and Tyres

For instance, Suzuki Ertiga comes with 15 inch rims fitted with 185/65 R15. The stability is further enhanced by the good size of wheel base at 2740 mm that makes the cornering very confident. It is also ideal for strong grip on the road, fast acceleration and tight cornering.

These tires are purposely made for high speed driving without sacrificing performance and safety. In addition, this tread pattern provides excellent wet grip and a longer stopping distance thereby increasing control over the car when it is travelling through these surfaces.

They are able to withstand puncture and are very durable. They also reduce road noises and give a smooth ride on and out of the highway, suitable for long distances trips.

Brake System

Suzuki Etrita has a reliable brake system, which guarantees optimal braking force. It has brake discs at the front that provides for heat dissipation in order to produce more brake power. Moreover, this characteristic gives makes them an excellent fit in situations where cars have to make abrupt stops, since the increased friction also helps the car to slow down effectively.

Disc brakes at the front and drum ones at the rear make up the braking system of the Ertiga that provides relatively good stopping power, however it is not as potent as disc brake system. ABS, which offers the much needed control during an sudden stop or skidding around an obstacle is also part of the brake system.

First of all, it reduces wheel lockup during heavy breaking and also ensures that there is no skid sliding on the wet surface. Furthermore, the car comes with a system known as EBD which ensures balanced braking forces depending on the various loads placed in different wheels.

The Suzuki Ertiga’s strong braking system is complemented by two driver assistive functions-Brake Assist and Hill Hold control. On the other hand, BA engages the brakes automatically when it is sensed that emergency stop is necessary and HHC stops the car when the vehicle runs into a hill or steep curve.

These features offer safety as you drive under tough conditions giving you peace of mind to concentrate at work.


Suzuki Ertiga is an ideal car for family and group use. This vehicle has a long list of qualities that makes it suitable for a long trip, a second passenger, or luggage. Ertiga has a spacey inside for seven people and enough space for every passenger to stretch their legs while seated. Its two rows of adjustable seats are clothed with soft material and have ample headspace.

Furthermore, the third-row seats can also be folded down to increase space whenever there is need to carry baggage or any other item around. Regarding storage, the Ertiga boasts of a large trunk with a capacity of 209 liters that can expand up to 803 litres after folding down both rows.|

The cabin has a lot of storages as well, including cup holders and glove compartment. This car is going to make every trip of yours comfortable without any difficulty with this capacity.


The Suzuki Ertia has a wide, roomy cabin that is also well-equipped for the driver’s comfort as well as the comfort of passengers through various storage spaces available in the car. It has an elegant black and grey finish, providing the cabin with a modern image. The second row seats are adjustable and the occupants at the back would get an improved experience as they can have them reclined up to 40 degrees making it possible to maximize comfort.

If you wish to create more space, then the third-row seats may also be folded up for your convenience. There are convenient cup holders and bottle holders in every row as well. The 550 liter boot space is equally impressive too. Two large suitcases or bags plus extra space would also fit perfectly into it.

The exterior looks compact, but this car has spaciousness for long travels or outing with families. In addition, many convenient storage pockets can be found in different openings of the bag such that these small objects like the keys, phone, and wallet can easily be stored during travel.


  • Good quality
  • Excellent performance 
  • Fuel economy
  • Good braking system


  • There ought to make the interior material better
  • The boot could be bigger


This makes the Suzuki Ertiga a good vehicle choice for Bangladeshi drivers. This engine gives good performance and fuel efficiency, secure transmission system, hard wheel and tyres, strong brake system, and also there is enough space in its interior as well as bodysize designed for road of this country.

All of this is meant to assure you safe travel to your destination. Moreover, its advantages far supersede the disadvantages, hence a suitable option for drivers in Bangladeshi. Overall, the Suzuki Ertiga is a great car whose features are perfect for driving around as well as the price.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question

  • Is Ertiga good for daily use?

Its size is perfect making it a useful car for everyday use, efficient in terms of fuel consumption and comfortable inside. With the compact body, short turning radius, and stiff suspension, it is the ideal urban city vehicle. Its cabin is sufficient for accommodating five people with lots of luggage at the back.

In conclusion, Suzuki Ertiga is affordable and its seat comfort level makes it suitable for commuting or taking errands.

  • Why is Ertiga so popular?

A renowned family car, Suzuki Ertiga offers different advantages in everyday work. Offering ample room on board, good fuel economy and modern features to suit city use, it easily is a popular pick. It is also very cheap; hence, you can afford it if you want to buy yourself a car.

The versatility of the Suzuki Ertiga is one of the most enticing features. The car has 7 seaters that are foldable in case they are not needed or more passengers need to accommodate. This is ideal for long road trips or just moving around big things such as shopping bags and luggages.

Its inviting cabin further enhances its overall appeal by offering better seating comfort for all occupants and in particular long trips. Additionally, Suzuki Ertiga has excellent safety features. It has the dual airbags, the ABS with EBD and brake assist, the reverse parking sensors, the rear camera display, and the ISOFIX child seat anchors — all must-have security elements of cars nowadays.

In addition, its smart hybrid engine provides superior fuel economy while maintaining performance and makes it a perfect candidate for everyday driving. Finally, the Suzuki Ertiga comes with so many benefits making it one of the top picks by family who want an affordable and good performing vehicle.

This is one reason many customers choose it with its spacious seats, good fuel economy, sophisticated safety features, and affordable price over others models in the market today.

  • Is Suzuki Ertiga comfortable?

In this perspective, the Suzuki Ertiga is a desirable family vehicle with great comfort. It has ample room for accommodating seven people in the cabin, adjustable seats that can be moved or put back into place to optimize support. There is ample space for the legs and the mind, thus enabling one to stretch and enjoy a trip.

It has a soft upholstery while the leather wrapped steering wheel gives an additional grip for more comfort. It assists in maintaining appropriate temperatures through its air-conditioning system for passenger comfort and provides adjustable ventilation for personalized airflows. With the sound insulation, external noise levels are greatly reduced, which makes this car a perfect match for cruising on highways.

The other aspect is that Ertiga’s suspense makes the vehicle capable of absorbing bumps present on a rough road while you enjoy that smooth ride experience. In general, this car provides greater comfort for passengers to whom does not matter how far or short that destination is located.

  • Is Ertiga good for city driving?

The Suzuki Ertiga is good with tight corners and traffic and is therefore suitable for city driving. The turning radius is compact, thus providing an excellent view when reversing or moving in tight parking lots with high congestion. It also has low emission rates that makes it suitable as a city car where there are strict air quality standards.

Fuel efficiency is not left out either as the Ertiga provides better mileage than most cars in its class. It is, therefore, a cheap choice for people with frequent driving needs within the city. All in all, Suzuki Ertiga is a good car for city-life and urban driving.

  • Is Ertiga easy to drive?

With an ultra-light body and a fuel-efficient motor, this model of the Suzuki Ertiga was easy to drive. Developed as a suitable urban vehicle with a tight wheelbase and steer responsively.

There are also cruise control and power steering, thus making it easy to navigate through heavy traffic. It is an ergonomic positioning for drivers and passengers that enables exit by people sitting at the back easily.

The car’s windows are quite big allowing one to watch their environment all the time. All these attributes make the Ertica the best car to buy if one is seeking a trustworthy, carefree ride through crowded towns.

  • Is Suzuki Ertiga a luxury car?

The makers of the Suzuki Ertiga were inspired to make something that serves a purpose in people’s travels. Heated seats, leather upholstery and sophisticated infotainment system can be named among those “better” alternatives here.

There is no luxury in the car in terms of power windows and air conditioning. They are only simple comforts meant for affordability. The Ertiga, however, appears classy out doored having refined interior gadgetry but the concept here was budget friendly hence the intention to be Therefore, this type of boat can be used normally and it isn’t some high-class yachting cruise.

8.5Expert Score
Suzuki Ertiga Price In Bangladesh Now, Suzuki Ertiga cars have become fashionable in Bangladesh. This is because of what the Suzuki Ertiga represents in terms of unique design, engine type, fuel economy, safety and space. It is among the most fuel efficient cars available in the market today. It also has some exciting aspects like a superior music system, pleasant drive, and awesome power trainings.
  • Good quality
  • Excellent performance 
  • Fuel economy
  • Good braking system
  • The interior materials should be improved.
  • The boot could be bigger

Specification: Suzuki Ertiga Price In Bangladesh

Basic Specification
Model Number

Suzuki Ertiga 2023

Body type


Made In

India (Assembled)


Standard Warranty 55000 kilometers or 3 Years Which are come First


Officially Available


Brand New


16 Valves & 4 Cylinder, DOHC

Engine Displacement

1462 cc Dual Jet Dual VVT

Engine Power

K15C Smart Hybrid

Max. Engine Power

101.64 bhp @ 6000 rpm

Max. Torque (Nm /rpm)

136.8 Nm @ 4400 rpm

Performance & Fuel Economy
Top Speed(est)

200 (Kmph)

Fuel Type

Octane, Petrol

Mileage (ARAI)

19 kmpl

Fuel Capacity

45 Litres

Fuel Tank Capacity

45 litres

Transmission Type(Gear)


Wheels and Tyres
Tyre Size

185/65 R15


2740 mm

Brake System
Front Brake

Ventilated Disc

Rear Brake


Seating Capacity

7 Persons

Boot Space

550 Litre

Body Dimensions And Weight

1690 mm

Overall Length

4395 mm

Overall Width

1735 mm

Kerb Weight

1205 kg

Ground Clearance(Feet+Inch)

0' 7.08"

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৳ 3,300,000

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Suzuki Ertiga Price In Bangladesh
Suzuki Ertiga Price In Bangladesh

৳ 3,300,000

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