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Omoda Car Price in Bangladesh

Omoda Brand intro:

Omoda, which sounds fresh and modern just like the name, is an automobile brand that was invented by the largest carmaker in China which is also known as Chery. Launched in 2022, the brand is relatively new but with ambitions of becoming a premium sub-brand ambitious enough to target global markets. Fasten, the Omoda band is stepping in the stage with a target of futuristic design, advanced technology and thrilling intermingling with cross over.

Omoda Brand: (Full Information)

A brand born from heritage: The odd name of Omoda isn’t new to us. In 2022, the platform was introduced by the leading Chinese automaker CHERY, which caters to the international market as its premium driver-brand.

Global Debut: The first version of the Hummingbird arriving in Russia and Kazakhstan in October 2022 was Omoda C5 (previously known as Cherry Omoda 5). Omoda, however, was brought to the global marketplace in April 2023 along with its partner name, Jaeco.

Omoda brand in Bangladesh:

So far, Omoda has acted mainly as an export brand of Chery, aiming predominantly at global markers for the products out of China. Omoda for example has introduced its fleet to Russia, Kazakhstan and like just the other day China but it is still unclear where it stands in the rest of the market space particularly in Bangladesh. With this goal of Omoda really becoming a global competitor, the company may consider the future step to enter the market of Bangladesh that effectively cannot be ruled out. För organization, Chery steel ö vorhanden in Bangladesh, considering that it is our parent company. Such a choice could point the way to Omoda’s perspective on possible options for her other time travel journeys.

Omoda Car Price in Bangladesh

Omoda C5:

Future reads, the Omoda C5 has been built with an intention, and it features a futuristic look that makes people look twice. Inside, tech marvel gives a tech-centric cabin a futuristic design with functions that are easy to figure out. However, the C5 is more than the exterior appeal alone. The power lies beneath the cars’ hoods and they have the ability to provide a thrilling ride and a driver’s comfort. The imposing stylistic design that aligns Omoda with the visionary motto. Matched with functionalities that enlarge the comfort feeling and assistance functions. It gives a uniform feel of driving. The C5 indisputably surpasses other crossover cars in terms of innovative look, technology, and overall driving experience.

Omoda C5: Specs:

Engine: 1.5L Turbocharged (1156 hp power, @5500 rpm 230 Nm torque at @ 1750-4000 rpm

Transmission: A transmission which is continuously varying on the ration of the speed of the car, which is knowns as a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Fuel Efficiency: 6.9 lit/100km (WLTP cycle).

Seating: 5


Length: 4,400 mm

Width: 1,830 mm

Height: 1,590 mm

Cargo Space:

Seats Up: 378 L

Seats Folded: 1,075 L


Modern, sporty design

Spacious interior

Dual 10.25″ touch infotainment system with the latest technology and maps.

All vehicles (the aid of Advanced driver-assistance features they are equipped with, depends on the trim level).

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