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Lotus Car Price in Bangladesh

Lotus Car Brands History

Established in1948 by a pioneer of engineering Colin Chapman, this brand of iconic british cars has had its name inscribed permanently in the records of renowned worldwide motorsports thanks to its engineered lightness and remarkable handling capabilities. With Lotus going further into the arena of Bangladesh, it brings in a heritage which is not just product focused but the overall driving experience – something that borders on the sublime.

After the end of the Second World War, in 1948, the automobile industry experienced the beginning of its glorious constellation, as it was in these challenging times that Lotus got started by Colin Chapman. Chapman’s approach consisted of the very essence of ‘simplifying and adding lightness’ constant gradation serving as both an instrument and concept in each and every Lotus-produced automobile. 

The new car was born without any unnecessary weight and already with innovative materials. It became a symbol of a new era of sports car discoveries, and it gave the world pieces of mechanical art that were, at the same time, very light, extremely agile, and extremely responsive.

Lotus Car in Bangladesh

Throughout the period of time, the people of the world consider Lotus to be one of the leading and prestigious brands which have been producing cars all the years and now, its presence in Bangladesh is only a very recent and unusual phenomenon. The local car industry of Bangladesh will be modernising as the customers are getting more choosy. they require the vehicles which compel the performance and luxury in it. This is the place where Lotus has entered with its most selling models.

Most Popular Lotus Car: 

At the forefront of Lotus’ offerings in Bangladesh are two models that epitomise the brand’s ethos: Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige are two famous sports cars. Both cars are old hands of light design, having aluminium frames, and composite body sheets that make their mass-to-power ratios spectacular.

Lotus Car Price in Bangladesh

Lotus Elise:

The Lotus Elise is a small street car with only two seats that has won the hearts of keen drivers by means of being a personal legend. Equipped with its mid-engine layout, assisted with its featherweight construction, this car is capable of high responsiveness and agility that belies its class. By virtue of its absolutely competent sports handling and communicative steering, the Elise entices the drivers to try out and surpass the performance limits of this machine, thus allowing for an incredible and visceral driving experience.

Lotus Car Price in Bangladesh

Lotus Exige:

For the users who seek an extremely focal and tireless reality of driving, the Lotus Exige stands as the top choice. This super sports car takes the Elise and makes it even hotter by stacking even more power, more sharp handling, and an aggressive aerodynamic package. Exige, in the Lotus brand, is a product of the company’s racing history. 

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