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Lifan Bike Price in Bangladesh

Lifan brand Overview:

Lifis, known for two wheelers, has also placed strongly among top international brands. Launched in China, the path of Lifan began with motocross and progressively matured to include cars. They have an excellent reputation because they offer cheap, reliable, and fuel efficient models many are attracted to.

Lifan Brand History:

Lifan is a famous brand of motorcycles and automobiles, and its reputation is attributable to its history that is deeply associated with China. 

Small Spark, Big Dreams (1992): The text starts with the story of a motorcycle repair shop opened by Yin Mingshan in Chongqing, China, year 1992. By the tight-knit group of nine, Lifan sailed (a district that in Mandarin means “power sail”

From Repairs to Manufacturing (Late 1990s): With this, Lifan began to be transformed from the only repair shop in the town to the only manufacturer in the whole city. The result of their sad work made the world’s largest private motorcycle manufacturing brand by the early 2000s. Their bikes turned into the favorites in China, yet they also moved to over 80 countries.

A Public Company (2010): It turned out in ten years of its own existence into the first foreign private company to be admitted to the Shanghai stock exchange. It meant that their potential had become a reality and that they were the main actor in the Chinese automotive industry.

Lifan Brand in Bangladesh:

The familiar Lifan motorcycles now cut the roadgoing path with Rasel Industries Limited (RIL) as their partner in Bangladesh.

Teaming Up with RIL: Actually, Lifan their Bangladesh entry point fell on her collaboration with Rasel Industries Limited (RIL). Being the sole regional distributor for Lifan motorcycles and scooters in Bangladesh, RIL is a top-ranking company in the country’s motorcycle industry.

Gaining Traction: RIL’s experience and existing network are the strategy that offers the competitive advantage for Lifan motorcycle. RIL has some lead over its competitors, and, therefore, some of the riders like the products. Lower cost, reliability & fuel efficiency make them go for all old oils in addition to price conscious customers.

Limited Presence: Some popular brands of the world still surpass Lifan in terms of uneven presence in the country. RIL is helping with this and currently they are consolidating their market base and making sure their products and services are visible and accessible to customers.

Lifan Popular Model:

The Lifan brand offers a wide variety of motorcycles to suit different purposes and win customers’ hearts. undefined

Lifan Bike Price in Bangladesh

Lifan KPT150 4V:

The Lifan KPT150 4V is an optimal selection which is fit for daily commute. The 150cc engine has been recognized as being the most fuel efficient, consequently cost of ownership is minimal. This bike has an engine displacement of 150 cc which lets it provide the maximum power of 20.50 PS @ 10000 rpm. The “4V” may be highlighting a 4-valve design in the engine which allows to increase both performance and fuel efficiency. This motorcycle is perfect for those riders who plan for a ride on a budget and at the same time ensures that the motorcycle is good at getting from point A to point B without worsening their wallets.

Lifan KPR 165R EFI:

Itching for more of a muscle and advanced bike, the Lifan KPR 165R EFI is the bike you are looking for. Engine 165cc which delivers a Max power of 17.00 Bhp @ 7500 rpm, and torque capacity is 17.00 Nm @ 5500. Rpm Engine has higher power as compared to the motor that is not very well suited for freeway riding. “EFI” , short for Electronic Fuel Injection, can provide various advantages compared to a carburetor, such as better fuel economy, smoothness of the operation, and ease of starting.

Lifan Bike Price in Bangladesh

Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor:

The working principle of the Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor is rather similar to the EFI version. This bike is implemented with a 160 cc engine, which generates a powerful motor of 17.00 PS @ 10,000 rpm and a torque of 17.00 Nm @ 7,500 rpm. In addition to a traditional carburetor, an electric fuel injection system will replace the electronically controlled fuel injection system.

Lifan KP 165

The Lifan KP 165cc with 10000 rpm peak power and 7500 rpm peak torque with 13/14 PS/Nm respectively. It is Lifan KP 165 mileage, the figure may be 40 Kmpl.

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