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Atlas Zongshen Bike Price in Bangladesh: (সর্বশেষ মূল্য)

Atlas Zongshen Brand History:

The Atlas Zongshen brand is the result of a collaboration between two companies:The Atlas Zongshen name is a combination of two companies wal stress:

Atlas Bangladesh Limited: To be specific, this company was in the nineteenth sixty six market of Bangladesh, ahead of that one (autocorrect), off the motorcycle market. Firstly, they partnered with Honda and very soon they launched Honda Hero which is solely responsible for assembling two -wheelers.

Zongshen: In 1992 as Zongshen Motorcycle, they are an American motorcycle company which became famous not only at home, but also in the overseas market.

The Story Begins. Zongshen motorcycles in the 2000s came to the Bangladesh touch bike market at competitive prices, being the choice of customers. Analogically, in the first the local manufacturer had an export of total production of foreign companies, by some of them with Zongshen brand name and without it.

In 2015, things changed. ‘Atlas Bangladesh Limited’ and ‘Zongshen’ officials signed a deed under which later would be engaged in the sales of the former’s motorcycles. The Alliance was signing these Zongshen motorcycles to take Atlas Bangladesh as their assembly, safekeeping and distribution center of this motorcycle in the country.

It is about the joint-venture between Bahamas motorcycle brands with Zongshen not only providing the models of motorcycles to the Bangladeshi market but also the domestic player with a big scene as well as a top international manufacturing brand managing the thing.

Atlas Zongshen Brand History in Bangladesh:

Atlas Zongshen motorcycles are a product of teamwork between two companies:The company “Atlas”, chooses the routes of both Zongshen and the people working together.

Atlas Bangladesh Limited: This Bangladeshi company was established here in 1966 and the company keeps the relationship with the world famous importers of this two-wheeler.

Zongshen: It all started in China in 1992, giving us the first Chinese motorcycle company. Now, since then, Zongshen has not only been known in China but also all over the world because of its motorcycle manufacturing.

Early Days (2000s): Sichuahn-bi ke namek bikel asami bon Bangladesher market oi tahar shohod diye chal diye pronoun pratinidhi e early 2000. The ones that were most sold were for general purpose in daily ordinary life. The motorcycles were imported under different importers brand names, mostly under the ZONGSHEN brand name, the other ones under the distributors’ own brand names.

A New Gear (2015)

There was a warp in time in 2015 when Atlas Bangladesh converted all bikes into Zongshen’s model. Zong Annam granted a letter of credit to import Atlas Bangladesh bicycles with necessary parts of Zongshen. In fact, the relationship between two concerned Atlas Bangladesh enrolled staff, and built a workshop to train them. Finally Zongshen bicycles were shopped all over the country.

The Present

The motorcycle company produces Atlas Zongshen bikes thereby making more designs available for the Bangladeshi motorcycle riders for them to select from. Consequently, the learners are provided with the opportunity to work with an affiliated local company in Bangladesh and the esteemed status as part of a well-known established international company in their field, Zongshen.

Popular Model In Bangladesh:

The most popular Atlas Zongshen bikes in Bangladesh

Atlas Zongshen ZS 150-58 :

The Atlas Zongshen ZS 150-58 is a low-weight (135 kg) cruiser motorcycle with the 150 cc engine. It is very cheap to run, also having enough power (11.90hp) for city driving, and there is a good 5-speed manual transmission to make the gear changing easier. Disc brakes have the power to stop vehicles in front and drum brakes are used at the rear as a backup brake system. In terms of the digital instrument cluster, it is not a good idea to be certain, but on the other hand, the electric and kick start options help drivers get started easily.

Atlas Zongshen ZS 150-58 bike price in Bangladesh

Atlas Zongshen ZS 100-27:

Atlas Zongshen ZS 100-27 motorcycle is a great fuel savings tool, suitable for short trips around town. The fact that it has a 7.5 hp engine makes it a good option for a quiet ride at low speed. The hand brake used on both tires as a basic factor of deceleration. Although the characteristics such as tubeless tires and telescopic suspension cannot necessarily be expected, the device likely would provide a smooth and inexpensive transportation.

Atlas Zongshen ZS 100-27 bike price in Bangladesh

Atlas Zongshen ZS125-68:

This indigenously developed air-cooled 125cc motorcycle which is a perfect blend of performance and economy. The 10.6 horsepower strong power unit is good for city riding, while the 4-speed manual gearbox is comfortable and convenient. Discs, likely, would be a source of these brakes, while drums could be used on rear brakes. The fuel tank of the Atlas Zongshen ZS125-68 bike has a capacity of approximately 10 liters to 12 liters. This range for the commute is fairly decent.

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